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Jackson Road, construction of static water tank (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image2nd March 1943. View of houses on Jackson Road, off Meanwood Road. A large area in the foreground is in the process of being walled with bricks; this is to be the site of a static water tank.
[internal reference; 5324:CLIC Jackson 1]
Jackson Road, piano repair works (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image23rd March 1943. View shows houses and the piano repair works on Jackson Road. A construction site and workmen are in the foreground; this is for a static water tank for emergency use during the war. Piles of bricks can be seen behind a wooden fence.
[internal reference; 5318:CLIC Jackson 2]
Meanwood Road Public Baths, Meanwood Road (Buslingthorpe) (47 comments)
Colour imageImage shows Meanwood Road Public Baths located on Meanwood Road between the junction of Education Road and Jackson Road. It was opened on 29th April 1899 by the chairman of the Baths,Councillor Peter Laycock. The other members of the committee were present including the Lord Mayor of Leeds,Alderman Thomas Walter Harding J.P. Many local children first learned to swim here,attending swimming lessons from Meanwood Road School. An ex-pupil growing up in the 1950s remembers, pocket money permitting, the warming cups of hot Bovril and 'Salt Biscuits'(savoury crackers)on sale. There was also a machine in the entrance where a penny in the slot would provide a squirt of Brillcream to add the finishing touches to your newly washed and dried hair. Meanwood Road Baths closed in 1977.
[internal reference; 2004115_58666629:LEO 2]
Meanwood Road Public Baths,Meanwood Road. (Buslingthorpe) (12 comments)
Colour imageView of Meanwood Road Public Baths located on Meanwood Road between the junction of Education Road and Jackson Road. The red brick built corporation baths opened on 29th April 1899 and the date is carved above the window of the ground floor. An opening ceremony was held including a swimming Gala with competition events. Prizes were presented, the first prize being a tea and coffee set and mounted tray. Mr E.T.Jones,an 'ex-champion swimmer of the world'gave a display of scientific swimming including undressing under water and an imitation of a pupil learning to swim!. The final event was a water polo match between North Leeds and South Leeds teams.
[internal reference; 2004115_39477175:LEO1]
Meanwood Road, Broadhead and Conyers (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image2nd March 1943. View of premises of Broadhead and Conyers, leather manufactures at Buslingthorpe Tannery on Meanwood Road near Jackson Road. In the foreground are workmen laying foundations for a static water tank. On site is a cement mixer, wheelbarrows, bricks and other tools.
[internal reference; 2555:CLIP Broad 1]