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Otley Chevin, Jenny's Crag (Otley)
Black & White imagec1900-1904. View of Jenny's Crag on Otley Chevin. The Chevin is a steep escarpment overlooking Otley.
[internal reference; 2008714_167101:LEO 3205]
Otley Chevin, postcard (Otley)
Black & White imageUndated. Postcard view of Otley Chevin showing a rocky outcrop known as Jenny's Crag. The "Jenny" referred to is Jane Myers (known locally as Jenny) who lived with her husband, Joseph in the first half of the nineteenth century in a cottage on the Chevin. It became affectionately known as "Jenny's Cottage" but on the 1851 Census is described as "Chevin Top House". At that time Joseph was aged 69 and a Managing Farmer's Labourer and Jane was 65. Their Grandson, John Whitaker, (aged 22, a cloth weaver, wool) was living or staying with them on the night of the Census. As far back as the 1820s Jenny was widely known locally for her kindness in providing tea and refreshments for visitors to the Chevin. Part of an old poem by Archdeacon Lawson reads: "I dream of Jenny's Hill above the town Thy Norman church, Kirkgate and Burras Lane, East Chevin where I wandered up and down, The Otley Bridge - Wharfe swollen with the rain; This heritage, I wear as a crown, And dance around thy maypole once again." Two boys can be seen playing on the rocks. Many people will know the highest rock with the indentation by its nick-name, "The Frying Pan"
[internal reference; 2011712_172390:Artemis Pack 61 (Otley Chevin) no.1]