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Main Street, Tommy Jewitt's Horse tethered outside the Blacksmith's shop (Kirk Deighton) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Main Street showing a horse tethered outside the Blacksmith's shop. The horse and pot hawker's cart, seen in the road, belonged to Tommy Jewitt listed in Kelly's Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire for 1908 as a carter and mole-catcher of Kirk Deighton. A man, perhaps Tommy Jewett, is just visible standing in the doorway of the Blacksmiths shop, (In 1908 the Blacksmith was Joseph Burnett). Tommy Jewett was the son of of John, also a mole-catcher. He visited farms destroying not only moles but rats also. Apparently, John cured many moleskins to make an evening gown for the Countess of Harewood. He trained his son, Tommy in the art of mole or 'mowdy-warp' catching. Tom grew up and married. He also became a Wesleyan Preacher until he went deaf as a result of an accident. John Jewett carried a wicker basket containing his traps, spring sticks and pegs cut from a hazel tree. He would leave home at day break and breakfast at various farm houses along the way. In this image two young boys relax on the grassed area beside the road in the foreground. The Blacksmith, as listed in 1908, was Joseph Burnett.
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