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County Arcade, Joseph Bradbury & Sons, Pork Butchery business, Staff Photograph (City Centre) (5 comments)
Black & White image1935. A group photograph showing the large number of employees who worked for pork butcher, Joseph Bradbury, (Porky Joe) in his business, Joseph Bradbury and Sons. Mr. Bradbury is seated centrally wearing a hat in front of his butchers shop at no. 42 County Arcade. The photograph was taken on the Sunday before Chistmas in 1935. Some of the staff are clad in white aprons and overalls. The photograph is taken at one of the many pork butchers shops owned by the family firm.
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County Arcade, Number 42, J. Bradbury & Sons (City Centre)
Black & White imageDecember 1935. This image dates from the week before Christmas, 1935, and shows pork butcher, Joseph Bradbury standing outside his shop at number 42 County Arcade. The windows, with stained glass panels, are packed with a vast array of meats and pork products in a display ready for Christmas shoppers.
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Great George Street, Number 59, J. Bradbury & Sons (City Centre)
Black & White imageC1920. View of number 59 Great George Street, the pork butchery business of Joseph Bradbury and Sons. Pictured outside the shop, from left to right, are William Bradbury, Douglas Turner (the baker), Phyllis Bradbury, and Eddie Needham. Signs on the shop advertise 'Sausage, Polony and Brawn, Fresh Daily. The business also supplies pork products to restaurants and to wholesale.
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Vicar Lane, Number 69, Joseph Bradbury & Sons (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White imageDecember, 1935. A fleet of vans are parked outside the pork butchery business of Joseph Bradbury and Sons at number 69 Vicar Lane. A sign at the first floor says 'The County Pork Shop'. The successful business of Joseph Bradbury, 'Porky Joe', eventually became part of Farm Stores Ltd., then part of Associated Dairies ltd. Associated Dairies Ltd. bought the interests of supermarket entrepreneurs, Peter and Fred Asquith, retaining them as joint Managing Directors, and Asda Stores Ltd. was born. At the left edge the entrance to the County Arcade is visible, now part of the Victoria Quarter. To the right of Bradbury's is The Robin Hood Hotel at number 71 Vicar Lane.
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Vicar Lane, Number 69, Joseph Bradbury & Sons (City Centre)
Black & White imageDecember 1935. Joseph Bradbury stands outside his shop during the week before Christmas, 1935. This particular branch of his pork butchery business was at number 69 Vicar Lane. Mr. Bradbury was known in the butchery trade as 'Porky Joe'.
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