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Location - Leeds & District

Gelderd Road, Whitehall Road (Wortley) (1 comment)
Black & White image16th August 1948. The junction of Gelderd Road and Whitehall Road, looking west. A belisha beacon crossing is in front of Whitehall Road Council School. The houses of Kildare Terrace are behind.
[internal reference; 5624:CLIC Geld 34]
Whitehall Road at the junction with Gelderd Road, Trolley and Tram Junction (Wortley) (4 comments)
Black & White image1911. Image shows the trolley and tram junction at the junction with Whitehall Road, left, foreground and right of centre background and Gelderd Road. foreground right and background, left. The tram track curves round from Whitehall Road into Gelderd Road. In the centre are buildings in Westfield Place and behind them the tall chimney of Union Mills at numbers 123 and 125 Whitehall Road. The railings seen on the extreme right belong to Whitehall Road Council School. Behind the railings the back-to-back red brick terraced streets of Kildare Terrace, Kildare Street and Kildare Place are visible. Work is being carried out on the tram system, a small workman's hut towards the right is signed ' Leeds City Tramways' Permanent Way Dept'.
[internal reference; 2011127_173010:LQ 388 L517/109]