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Location - Leeds & District

Green Lane and Station Road, from Hollyshaw Lane (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec1982. View looks form Hollyshaw Lane by the junction with Knightsway on the left, towards the junction of Green Lane (to the left after the bus shelter) and Station Road (to the right). On the left, the Paws For Thought Pet Centre at no.137 Green Lane is at the end of a row of shops, while moving right is another row of shops numbered 2-20 Station Road.
[internal reference; 2012622_173760:S LIP GREEN 533]
Green Lane, junction with Hollyshaw Lane and Knightsway (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec1982. View shows Green Lane, running across the picture from left to right, at the junction with Hollyshaw Lane, on the left, and Knightsway, in the centre beside the Paws For Thought pet shop. Paws For Thought is at no.137 Green Lane, then moving right are Antiques and Reproductions at no.135 and A. & J. Payton, selling fish, fruit and poultry, at no. 133.
[internal reference; 2012622_173759:S LIP GREEN 534]
Green Lane, junction with Knightsway (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec1982. View shows Green Lane by the junction with Kightsway. In the centre is no.137 Green Lane, Paws for Thought Pet Centre, then partly visible on the right is Antiques and Reproductions at no.135. On the left are semi-detached houses on Knightsway, in descending order from no.119.
[internal reference; 2012621_173758:S LIP GREEN 535]
Station Road, junctions with Hollyshaw Lane, Knightsway and Green Lane (Cross Gates) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec1982. View shows Station Road on the right by the junctions with Hollyshaw Lane in the foreground, Knightsway on the left and Green Lane in the centre. The row of shops behind the bus shelter, which includes Paws For Thought Pet Centre, is numbered 137 to 133 Green Lane, while those on the right are numbered in ascending order from 2 Station Road. A large grass verge dominates the foreground.
[internal reference; 2012622_173761:S LIP GREEN 532]