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First Leeds Steam Tram and Trailer (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. Leeds Tramways No.1. Steam trams were introduced on the Wortley route on 17th June 1880. The last steam tram ran on 1st April 1902.
[internal reference; 8327:LISB (15) (browsing neg no 142]
Kirkstall Road Tram Works, Middleton Bogie (Burley)
Black & White image1933-1948. Image shows a Middleton Bogie photographed between 1933 and 1948 at Kirkstall Road Tram Works, situated on the south-west side of Kirkstall Road. It was designed by William Van Morland, General Manager and Engineer of Leeds Tramways. The first one, number 255, was produced in 1933 and was reserved for the hilly Middleton route. The success of the innovative, modern design led to a further 16 going into production with slight modifications in design. The livery of these cars was pale blue, lined in gold and white with a cream below the upper saloon windows.
[internal reference; 2011114_172887:LQ 388 L517/82 ]
Tram Conductors' Paying-in desk (Unknown)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the Tram Conductors' paying-in desk but the location or date is not given. There is a wooden counter with a wire screen and the walls are tiled in white. The image may date from the 1930s but in the earlier years of the horse-drawn trams the rules for drivers and conductors had been very strict. A conductor had to take personal responsibility for any counterfeit or foreign coins given as part of a fare. If the conductor was accused of passing on such a coin to a passenger he was likely to be dismissed. It was also the responsibility of the conductor to ensure that the money taken in fares was properly counted by the cashiers in the receiving office. No conversation between conductors was permitted while they were in the process of paying in their receipts. (Information from 'Rules and Regulations for the Drivers and Conductors of the Leeds Tramways Company' 1880.
[internal reference; 2012117_173162:LQ 388 L517/194]
'William Black' Railway Engine (Unknown) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Image from the Leeds Tramways album showing 'William Black', a railway engine. Black, Hawthorn & Co. built industrial tank locomotives for works and collieries and were based in Gateshead from 1865 to 1902.
[internal reference; 20111031_172856:LQ 388 L517/5]