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Aerial view of the Garden House Lane and Smithy Lane Estates. (Tingley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageC1965. Aerial view of the Garden House and Smithy Lane Estates. Bradford Road runs from the top left to the bottom right hand corner. Westerton Road runs from the bottom left hand corner to join Bradford Road. Thomas Ambler's, or Ardsley Mills, at East Ardsley is the Large rectangular building at this junction. Within the triangle formed by Bradford Road and Westerton Road there is Smithy Lane on the left from the top to the bottom. Roads going off Smithy Lane are, top, Eastleigh Drive and centre Farleigh Road. Towards the angle of the triangle are Garden House Lane and Redwood Avenue. Ardsley Reservoir is just off bottom edge, off camera. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007531_163756:wa 264]
Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir (Tingley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1960s. Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir, left. Running from top to bottom is Westerton Road. Haigh Moor Road branches off to the left at the top. Moving down the first right turn of Westerton Road is Smithy Lane with Old Hall Road above it and Greenwood Road below. Next right off Westerton Road is Thirlmere Drive and semi-circular Farleigh Crescent. Then the junction with Eastleigh Drive which bends round in a curve. Bradford Road cuts across the bottom corner. Healey Croft Farm is in the centre at the bottom and the patch of trees close to the Reservoir in Westerton Wood. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007530_163744:wa 249]
Back Easy Road from 'the quarry' (Cross Green) (11 comments)
Black & White image10th July 1951. iew of Back Easy Road, seen in the centre of the image, taken from an area known locally as 'the quarry'. This locality housed an assortment of piggeries, henruns and stables at this time. The white building is the rear of East Leeds Working Men's Club at number 81 Easy Road. Further down, the back of a row of houses can be seen which front Easy Road. They are numbered 83 to 103 Easy Road. The property on the left of Back Easy Road is number 2a Thornleigh Street. Thornleigh Street runs from left to right across the top of Back Easy Road and Fairfax Works, manufacturers of confectionary, is visible in the background addressed as number 105 Easy Road.
[internal reference; 7173:CLIB Clark 8]
Balkan Grove, Everleigh Street (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image22nd July 1963 On the left of this image are numbers 19 to 33 Balkan Grove, a row of back-to-back terraced houses each with a small front yard. A shared toilet block seperates numbers 25 & 27. Clothes hang on lines stretched across the street. On the right is Everleigh Street.
[internal reference; 200391_91883487:WYAS(Temple View Road)Box 110/1 no.48]
Belmont Grove, numbers 14 and 16 (Woodhouse)
Black & White image31st January 1963. View of number 16 Belmont Grove, a substantial brick-built property with a flight of steps up to the front entrance. At some time the building had been converted to four flats. The smaller building to the right is number 14, and this housed two flats, numbers 14a and 14b. The access to numbers 14a and 14b Belmont Grove was to the back of the property, on Leighton Lane. Belmont Grove was situated off Clarendon Road, between Chorley Lane and Leighton Lane. These properties were demolished when the Clarendon Wing of Leeds General Infirmary was built, the site is now part of the car park.
[internal reference; 2003327_37012881:WYAS (Clarendon Road) Box no.35, no.103]