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Location - Leeds & District

Beverley Avenue, looking towards Lady Pit Lane (Beeston)
Colour image2008. Long view showing both sides of Beverley Avenue looking towards Lady Pit Lane. The even-numbered side is on the left and the odd numbered side is right. The gable end at the far end belongs to Linden Road. These red brick properties are gradually being acquired by the council and will subsequently be demolished to make way for regeneration plans.
[internal reference; 2008114_167786:LEO 3492b]
Beverley Avenue, numbers 2 to 46 (Beeston)
Colour image2008. Image shows a long view of Beverley Avenue numbering from 46, left, to number 2 on the right. This side of the street has through, red brick terraced houses with dormer windows and small walled gardens. The gable end at the right edge belongs to Linden Road. Some of the properties in Beverley Avenue have been boarded up and some are still inhabited. Eventually, they will be demolished as part of regeneration plans for the area.
[internal reference; 2008114_167785:LEO 3492]
Burton Street, Number 4 (Hunslet) (3 comments)
Black & White image13th September 1979. View of Burton Street looking west towards the junction with Dewsbury Road. J.C Cars at number 4, is in the centre, with cars for sale parked outside. Two trucks are on the road. Terraced housing on Dobson Place can be seen in the background, to the left. The very end property adjacent to number 4, on the right, has a sign for a cafe (Boston Cafe?) and is numbered as 159 Dewsbury Road on the map. In the 1979 Yellow Pages there is a cafe listed at number 159 run by R.& C. L. Payne. The single storey building in the background, right, is West Hunslet Conservative Club (The Tetley 'huntsman' sign is just visible when enlarged). The streets seen in the background are the Lindens' and the Beverleys'.
[internal reference; 200516_89336795:S LIP BURT 1]
Dewsbury Road at the junction with Burton Road (Hunslet) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. This image of Dewsbury Road dates from C1920 indicated by the shop premises. The junction with Burton Road is seen right where a horse and cart is visible. Moving left from Burton Road is number 203 Dewsbury Road, Frank Austin Millard, grocer, then number 201, Mrs Nellie Hullah, milliner and at number 199, William Caley, boot and shoe dealer. The image is taken from the junction with Linden Grove and people can be seen waiting at the cars stop on the corner.
[internal reference; 2005519_52656192:LEO 626]
Dewsbury Road, Hunslet (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, possibly early 1900s. Image shows Dewsury Road, looking north towards Leeds, from the area around Linden Terrace and Tunstall Road. St Peter's Church can be seen in the distance on the right, and there are tram tracks in the road and wires overhead. Two horse drawn wagond can be seen; one is heavily laden.
[internal reference; 2017927_176288:LEO 8667]