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Location - Leeds & District

Albert Grove, derelict terraced houses (Little London) (4 comments)
Black & White image14th February 1950. View of derelict houses, which front Northfield Terrace at the other side, viewed from Albert Grove. The four storey houses on the left have broken and bricked up windows. The houses on the right are occupied. Tiger's Grocers is at the junction with Trafalgar Terrace on the far right, at numbers 53 - 55 Albert Grove. The triangular roof with 3 vertically arranged windows is the back and side view of numbers 5 & 7 Trafalgar Terrace. The odd-numbered side of Albert Grove began with number 1, off camera, left, at the junction with Lovell Road. The enclosing garden walls with doors lead onto the cobbled street. A small boy is sitting in the doorway of the house above the shop.
[internal reference; 8778:CLIC Albert 3]
Albert Grove, nos. 1 - 3 (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image14th February 1950. Semi-derelict houses on Albert Grove, near the junction with Lovell Road. Numbers 1 and 3 are prominent, with number 3 being the most badly damaged. The premises of G.H. Harrison & Son (Leeds) Ltd. can be seen along Lovell Road at number 33. To the right is a completely derelict property. A car and a gas streetlamp are visible.
[internal reference; 8586:CLIC Albert 4]
Little London, aerial view (Little London) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Little London showing Camp Road (now Lovell Park Road) and Oatland Lane running from bottom left to top right. In the centre building work is in progress on the two tower blocks of Carlton Towers; above this, Carlton Croft, Close and Garth have yet to be built. Carlton Street (now Carlton Hill) runs across towards the top of the picture, with housing all around which has since been demolished and replaced. Below Camp Road are Lovell Road at the bottom left, Elmwood Street running towards the bottom right and Meanwood Street leading to the centre right, with St. Matthew's C of E Church on the corner. Houses around here have also since been replaced. At the centre left are various mills and factories, now demolished. Taken around the 1960s.
[internal reference; 2008616_166991:S LIB LITT 2]
Lovell Grove, Lovell Road, nos. 25, 27 (Little London) (2 comments)
Black & White image1956, Lovell Grove is to the left, a group of children are on the corner. Number 25 Lovell Road is an off licence and grocers shop, business of M Harris. Moving right, 27 is a large house. On the right the end of Lovell Terrace can be seen.
[internal reference; 2003226_35781497:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 1/2 No 21]
Lovell Road (Little London) (2 comments)
Black & White image6th January 1925. North Street, view of entrance to Lovell House, Home of Joseph Stewart, Surgeon.
[internal reference; 2002416_29172915:C LIC North (30)]