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Location - Leeds & District

Lower Hanover Street (City Centre)
Black & White image3rd September 1915. Situated off West Street, view of brick houses, two storey with attics. Skylight windows in the roofs. An area of waste ground in front of the houses.
[internal reference; 200244_54926699:C LIC Park (11)]
Lower Hanover Street (City Centre)
Black & White image3rd September 1915. View of buildings, with an area of waste ground.
[internal reference; 200244_55553836:C LIC Park (13)]
Lower Hanover Street (City Centre)
Black & White image15th June 1938. This view shows the newly restored premises at No6 belonging to Albrecht & Albrecht Ltd. Wholesale Clothiers. The front of this brick building has been faced with cement and lined to look like stone.
[internal reference; 9159:CLIC Han 2]
Lower Hanover Street (City Centre)
Black & White image11th February 1937. This view shows the Mawson & Lawton Estate Agents sign on No6, which appears to be a small industrial building undergoing some restoration or repair. From here the terrace goes to the right and turns into dwelling houses.
[internal reference; 9160:CLIC Han 1]
Park Lane, showing tram lines (Burley)
Black & White imagec1909. View of Park Lane, showing tram lines. The large stone gate posts in the centre are at the entrance to Hanover Place, a row of terraced properties numbering from 3 to 10 with long gardens. In the background, left, the windows belong to Park Lane Council School, the future site of Leeds College of technology (before the Cookridge Street building opened in 1956). In the background, right, a horse and cart is just visible outside the Pine Apple Inn at numbers 167 and 169 Park Lane, between the junctions with Lower Hanover Street and Chatham Street. The view is in the direction of the city centre.
[internal reference; 2012112_173113:LQ 388 L517/159]