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Location - Leeds & District

Lidgett Lane (Garforth)
Black & White imageEarly 1900s. Taken in the early 1900s's is the view of Lidgett Lane looking North Eastwards. Behind the two boys is the point where Lowther Road comes in. Beech Grove Terrace is on the left, just around the corner of the house.
[internal reference; 201024_170214:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY L11]
Lidgett Lane from the corner of Lowther Road (Garforth) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. In the middle of the road, children wait to have their picture taken on Lidgett Lane, photographed from what is now the corner of Lowther Road, the view is looking across at the houses on the left, Hilderthorpe Terrace. The photo was kindly donated by Mrs. G. Lowe in 2007 to the Garforth Historical Society.
[internal reference; 201024_170216:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY L14]
Lidgett Lane, Police Station (Garforth) (5 comments)
Black & White image1980. View showing the Police Station on Lidgett Lane with car park in front. Garforth Clinic is seen on the left hand side while houses in the background are on Lowther Grove.
[internal reference; 201024_170211:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY L12]
Lowther Road, junction with Lowther Avenue (Garforth)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows the junction of Lowther Road, in the foreground, with Lowther Avenue, right. On the left is Lowther House, for many years the home and surgery of Dr. Sydney Griesbach and his large family. He was noted for attending at the Micklefield Pit disaster on 30th April 1896. The surgery was later owned and used by Dr. J.F. Robinson. On the right is Springfield House; together these buildings now form the Springfield Residential Home.
[internal reference; 201029_170280:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY L25]
Lowther Street, looking towards Harehills Road (Harehills)
Black & White imagec1976-81. View shows Lowther Street, with back-to-back terraced housing on both sides. It is situated in the 'Harehills Triangle', an area located between Harehills Road and Roundhay Road. This view is looking in the direction of Harehills Road and number 41 Harehills Road can be seen in the background, between the junctions of Back Milan Road and Milan Road.
[internal reference; 201287_173954:LEO 6914]