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Location - Leeds & District

Burlington Road, Cross Flatts (Beeston) (7 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Burlington Road, a street of red brick terraced homes with small gardens, which runs parallel with Tempest Road. This photograph is taken from part way up Burlington Road, possibly from Woodview Road, and looks towards houses in Maud Avenue which crosses the end of Burlington Road.
[internal reference; 2005519_17556399:LEO 618]
Church of the Holy Spirit, interior view (Beeston) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. An interior view of the Church of the Holy Spirit. It stands in Tempest Road at the junction with Maud Avenue. It was a hundred years old in 2003 and is enjoying a new role as one of the founder members of 'Faith Together', a collaboration between Christians and Muslims.
[internal reference; 2005519_23315066:LEO 619]
Cross Flatts Park, Tennis Courts (Beeston)
Black & White imageUndated. The image shows one of the four tennis courts located in Cross Flatts Park. Several people of mixed age ranges are in view, including a group of young ladies, left, wearing millinery styles of the 1920s. One of them holds a tennis racquet. A kiosk on the right advertises 'Icecream today'. The park is situated between Beeston Road and Dewsbury Road with the tennis courts near to Maud Avenue.
[internal reference; 2005520_31367129:LEO 647]
Ginnel, between Maud Avenue and Cross Flatts School (Beeston) (3 comments)
Colour image1989. View shows a ginnel running between the back of Maud Avenue and the boundary wall of Cross Flatts school, which crosses Harlech Road then Burlington Road before eventually leading out onto Tempest Road.
[internal reference; 2012315_173450:LEO 5886]
Maud Avenue, from Cross Flatts Park (Beeston) (9 comments)
Colour image1989. View taken from an entrance to Cross Flatts Park looking towards Maud Avenue (left). On the right is a ginnel running between the backs of houses on Maud Avenue and the boundary wall of Cross Flatts school. Houses on Harlech Road are in the background, right, and beyond these the spire of Trinity Methodist Church can be seen.
[internal reference; 2012315_173453:LEO 5889]