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Sheepscar Council School, May Day Celebrations (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Black & White imageMay 1953. In this view, taken in the playground of Sheepscar Council School, parents and carers have gathered to watch the pupils take part in May Day celebrations. The school buildings dominate the background. A procession of little girls, each dressed in white with flowers in their hair, are carrying posies. Behind them, a baby in a coach built pram is propped up to watch the proceedings. Sheepscar Council School is now demolished but was situated on Wilmington Grove at the junction with Barrack Street (off Meanwood Road). It had opened on 15th November 1875.
[internal reference; 2012911_174037:LEO 6949]
Sheepscar Council School, May Day Celebrations (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White imageMay, 1953. In this image, May Day celebrations are taking place at Sheepscar Council School. The May Queen is seated on a dais, beneath a decorated parasol, surrounded by her attendants. The girls are wearing white dresses, ankle socks and white shoes and have wreaths of flowers in their hair. The boys are smartly dressed, two in waistcoats and one bearing a cushion for the May Queen's crown. In the background the exterior walls of the school and ornate windows are visible. Sheepscar Council School, now demolished, was located on Wilmington Grove at the junction with Barrack Street, off Meanwood Road.
[internal reference; 2012912_174038:LEO 6950]