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Armley Moor, May Queen procession (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1950s. View shows children taking part in the Armley May Queen procession, seen outside Christ Church Upper Armley C 0f E Church situated on Armley Ridge Road. The May Queen, in the centre in the long dress, is Sandra Ford, born in 1950, daughter of Allen Ford of the Far Fold area of Armley.
[internal reference; 201286_173921:LEO 6883]
Lower Wortley School, Group photograph taken for 'Maypole Day' (Wortley) (6 comments)
Black & White imageearly 1950s. Children from Lower Wortley School are posed for a group photograph on 'Maypole Day'. The May Queen is seen in the centre. At the right edge Dennis Fryer is dressed as Robin Hood. Next to him stands Sandra Stobart with her friend, Wendy Richardson, beside her. The tall girl, behind the small boy in white, is Susan Stobart. The little boy is holding a cushion used to bear the floral crown of the May Queen during the crowning ceremony.
[internal reference; 2009622_169161:LEO 3943]
Lower Wortley School, 'Maypole Day' (Wortley)
Black & White imageEarly 1950s. Group photograph of children of Lower Wortley School dressed for 'Maypole Day', taken at the ceremony to crown the May Queen. The prospective May Queen sits on a throne against a backdrop of the Union Jack, while a small boy, dressed in white, presents the floral crown borne on a white cushion. In the foreground is the Maypole and in the background is Lower Wortley School situated in Lower Wortley Road. The building was designed by Richard Adams for the Leeds School Board and opened in 1885. Recently, (2008) the Grade II listed school has undergone a £3 million conversion by Advent Developments. Now called Forster Lofts, the scheme comprises of 16 New York Loft style apartments and 5 Mews houses. Nowadays, pupils attend a new Lower Wortley Primary School built in 2005 as part of a P.F.I. scheme.
[internal reference; 2009623_169165:LEO 3941]
Lower Wortley School, 'Maypole Day' procession (Wortley)
Black & White imageearly 1950s. Image shows the 'Maypole Day' Procession held at Lower Wortley School. Young pupils are dressed in a variety of costumes. The girls are wearing long dresses and are carrying bouquets of flowers. These are the May Queen and her attendants. At the centre front, looking at the camera, is Sandra Stobart, walking beside Wendy Richardson. Of the girls behind them, the tallest is Susan Stobart. The boy dressed as Robin Hood carrying a bow is Dennis Fryer.
[internal reference; 2009622_169160:LEO 3942]
Sacred Heart Church, The May Queen and her attendants (Burley)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the May Queen and her attendants from the Sacred Heart Church at the junction with Burley Road and Poplar Road. The photograph is thought to have been taken outside the convent in Burley Road. The May Queen, all dressed in white and carrying a bouquet of lilies, is thought to be Eileen Lawton. The retiring May Queen bears the crown on a cushion and her two attendants stand beside her. The May Queen has four little girls and two boys to carry her train. The boys wear white jackets and shirts with sailor collars. The girls have long dresses and circlets of flowers adorning their hair. The photograph most likely dates from the 1920s.
[internal reference; 2008423_166601:LEO 2889]