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Meanwood Road Public Baths, Meanwood Road (Buslingthorpe) (45 comments)
Colour imageImage shows Meanwood Road Public Baths located on Meanwood Road between the junction of Education Road and Jackson Road. It was opened on 29th April 1899 by the chairman of the Baths,Councillor Peter Laycock. The other members of the committee were present including the Lord Mayor of Leeds,Alderman Thomas Walter Harding J.P. Many local children first learned to swim here,attending swimming lessons from Meanwood Road School. An ex-pupil growing up in the 1950s remembers, pocket money permitting, the warming cups of hot Bovril and 'Salt Biscuits'(savoury crackers)on sale. There was also a machine in the entrance where a penny in the slot would provide a squirt of Brillcream to add the finishing touches to your newly washed and dried hair. Meanwood Road Baths closed in 1977.
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