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Location - Leeds & District

Morley Town Hall tower, view from (Morley)
Colour imageJune 1973. This photograph is taken with a telephoto lens from the tower of Morley Town Hall concentrating on the grounds of the Zion Independent Chapel and Wesley Street mill. In this area , besides the demolition of buildings, there has been road re-alignment. Morrisons car park is being extended up to the concrete fence built along the Zion graveyard. A new road has been built alongside this. The original caretakers house for the Zion stands at a new road junction. The road coming to this house from Wesley Street is entirely new. It was built across another part of Wesley Street Mill (The part that used to house the fire station but is now demolished). The red brick part of the mill was later turned into a small heritage museum (the low building which was the old engine house) and the headquarters of South Leeds Groundwork Trust. Due to the help given by the Morley and South Leeds M.P. to this organisation, the new road was named Merlyn Rees Way after him. The building immediately to the right of the red brick mill is also a listed building being part of Morley's handloom weaving heritage. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200637_160809:Morley M 251]
South Leeds High School, Middleton Road (Belle Isle) (13 comments)
Colour image2007/8. Image shows the demolition of old buildings at South Leeds High School, Middleton Road. The school opened as Belle Isle County Secondary School in c1959. It ceased to operate as a school in 2006 when pupils transferred to the new P.F.I. South Leeds School adjacent to South Leeds Stadium. For many years it was known as 'Merlyn Rees'.
[internal reference; 20081016_167552:LEO 3019]
South Leeds High School, Middleton Road (Belle Isle)
Colour image2007/8. Image shows South Leeds High School which has seen several name changes and reorganisations since it was built as Belle County Secondary School c 1959. In the 1970s it became Belle Isle Middle School and when the three tier system was abolished in Leeds the name was changed to Merlyn Rees High School (1991/92.) Later, it became known as South Leeds Arts College Merlyn Rees. In the early 2000s a decision was made to close the school and also Matthew Murray School. A new P.F.I. School was built in South Leeds with State-of-the-art facilities. From 2004 Merlin Rees and Matthew Murry operated as one school, South Leeds High School, but on two campuses. Pupils remained on their original sites for the first year. From 2005-2006 the new £25 million State-of-the-art P.F.I. School opened adjacent to South Leeds Stadium and the pupils were transferred.
[internal reference; 2008926_167419:LEO 3417]
South Leeds High School, Middleton Road (Belle Isle) (1 comment)
Colour image2007/8. View of South Leeds High School, in Middleton Road, originally Belle Isle County Secondary, built c.1959. Ex-pupils of the 1970s will remember it as Belle Isle Middle School which catered for pupils between the ages of 9 and 13. Until more recently it has been known as Merlyn Rees, South Leeds Arts College Merlyn Rees and finally South Leeds High School when it was merged with Matthew Murray but remained on two campuses from 2004 to 2006. The Merlyn Rees and Matthew Murray buildings closed when the new £25 million P.F.I. South Leeds School opened in September of 2006. This state-of-the-art building has a capacity for 1050 pupils between the ages of 11 and 18.
[internal reference; 2008930_167474:LEO 3418]