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Apperley Lane, The Queens (Rawdon)
Colour image1st January 2010. View of Apperley Lane at Apperley Bridge showing The Queens public house on the left, closed down and boarded up. Towards the right is Woodhouse Grove Methodist Church.
[internal reference; 201057_170640:LEO 4967]
Armley Methodist Church, Whingate, group photograph (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White image10th May 1987. Image shows members of the congregation of Upper Armley Methodist Church gathered together for the final service held on Sunday 10th May 1987. The church was to be demolished and rebuilt as a Community Centre with £213,000 funding via an Urban Programme grant. In the centre, towards the back, is the Minister of the Church, Reverend Gordon Lister, with Councillor John Battle, Chair of the Council's Urban Development Committee. Also in the picture are representatives of the Girls' and Boys' Brigades. The new centre was to include a luncheon club, a playgroup, adult education classes, a credit union and an advice and counselling service for families. Upper Armley Methodist Church was built in brick in the Italian style and dated from 1878.
[internal reference; 2010524_170768:LEO 5058]
Ashley Road Methodist Church (Harehills) (5 comments)
Black & White image15th May 1984. Image shows the former Ashley Road Methodist Church from Ashley Road. Several years before, the church members had moved into a nearby hall and the church had been used as a warehouse. It was damaged by fire and had to be demolished. Ashley Road Methodist Church opened in December 1906 with room for 400 people. It was built at a cost of £3000. Back-to-back red brick terraced homes in Darfield Crescent are visible in the background.
[internal reference; 2009115_168226:LEO 3608]
Ashley Road Methodist Church (Harehills) (12 comments)
Black & White image15th May 1984. Image shows the former Ashley Road Methodist Church which had been recently used as a furniture warehouse. The damage is thought to have been caused by a fire and the building had to be demolished. Members of the church had moved to a newer building, off camera, right, at the corner with Ashton Mount, several years before. This view is taken from Darfield Crescent and shows back-to-back terraced housing. Just behind the car on the left, Ashton Mount cuts across Darfield Crescent. Ashley Road Methodist Church dates from 1906 and was built to seat 400 persons at a cost of £3000.
[internal reference; 2009115_168227:LEO 3609]
Ashley Road Methodist Church (Harehills)
Black & White image15th May 1984. View of the former Ashley Road Methodist Church in a severely fire damaged state. At this time the 1906 building had been in use as a warehouse. Church members had relocated to a building near by, at the junction with Ashley Road and Ashton Mount. As a consequence of the fire the church had to be demolished. Now four properties, numbers 1 to 4 Darfield Villas, occupy the site.
[internal reference; 2009127_168291:LEO 3615]