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Location - Leeds & District

Holbeck Towers, from Meynell Walk (Holbeck)
Black & White imagec1976-81. View shows two of the three blocks of high-rise flats known as Holbeck Towers, situated off Holbeck Moor Road. The block on the left comprises nos. 62 to 121 and that on the right contains nos. 1 to 61. These tower blocks were to be demolished in 2010. In the foreground is Meynell Walk with houses on the right while in the background is St. Matthew's Church.
[internal reference; 201286_173941:LEO 6901]
Meynell Walk (Holbeck)
Black & White image25th January 2004. View of houses on Meynell Walk.
[internal reference; 2004513_6376284:LEO 283]