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Location - Leeds & District

Drive to Middleton Hall (Middleton)
Black & White image24th August 1918. View of tree lined drive way leading to Middleton Hall.
[internal reference; 2002820_992983:C LIQ Middleton (6)]
Dueling Pistols, with case and accessories, formerly property of John Blenkinsop (Unknown)
Black & White imageUndated. View of a pair of duelling pistols complete with case and accessories, formerly the property of John Blenkinsop of Middleton. They were made in Alnwick and have the makers name and emblem inside the lid. John Blenkinsop worked for the Brandlings in Tyneside before being appointed as steward to the Middleton Estate where he took on responsibility for several coalmines and hundreds of workers. He resided at Middleton Hall between 1808 and his death in 1831. Blenkinsop was to make his mark in Leeds for designing and patenting the rack pinion rail in 1811, which was used for the first steam locomotives built by Matthew Murray of the Round Foundry, Water Lane, Holbeck.
[internal reference; 2006117_160349:T LIX Pistols 1 B]
Middleton Hall (Middleton) (5 comments)
Black & White image3rd January 1946. Various buildings forming Middleton Hall on the North side of Town Street. A wooden gate is open, leading to a courtyard.
[internal reference; 4979:CLIE Middleton 15]
Middleton Hall Gatehouse, and entrance, Town Street (Middleton)
Black & White imageUndated. The building in this image is that of the Gatehouse to Middleton Hall, the entrance is flanked by capped stone posts. Smartly dressed youths, sporting cloth caps, stand before the wall of St. Mary's Churchyard. The image may date from 1920 when the War Memorial, to the right, was newly erected. Middleton Hall, a Georgian Mansion onced owned by the Brandling family, burned down in July 1962. It was their home until 1745 when they moved to Middleton Lodge.
[internal reference; 2005518_67353457:LEO 599]
Middleton Hall, Gatehouse, Town Street (Middleton) (2 comments)
Colour image2005. This property was once the gatehouse to Middleton Hall, and is located in Town Street. St. Mary's Churchyard is off camera, right. Middleton Hall was the seat of the Brandling family until 1745. The stonebuilt gatehouse has been rendered in a light colour, but apart from that, has changed little since the 1920s, (An image from that era can also be viewed on the Leodis website).
[internal reference; 2005622_46334475:COMM 13/1]