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Location - Leeds & District

Middleton Lane, Gypsy Pony (Thorpe)
Colour image2005. A gipsy pony stands in the foreground of this image taken from Middleton Lane and overlooking Leeds.
[internal reference; 200569_60422915:COMM 10/31]
Middleton Lane, snow (Thorpe)
Black & White image1st March 1937. Four different views of Snow on Middleton Lane.
[internal reference; 200227_25657290:RO 1332]
Thorpe Hall, Architectural Detail, Middleton Lane (Thorpe)
Colour image2005. Close up of some architectural detailing in the angle to the rear of Thorpe Hall, located in Middleton Lane. The lead down spout with decorated rainwater head bears the date 1735. A building existed on the site at an earlier date. A head sprouting horns, with a beard, is seen below the intertwined initials M.P., M.P. The Hall was once the seat of the Proctor family, and was also the residence of the Gascoignes, Leighs and Ingrams. The initials M.P. stands for Medcalf Proctor who built Thorpe Hall and died aged 84 on 1st September, 1792. There is a memorial slab in Rothwell Church.
[internal reference; 200569_73299808:COMM 10/28]
Thorpe Hall, Architectural detailing, side view, Middleton (Thorpe)
Colour image2005. Side view of Thorpe Hall (right return wall) showing architectural detailing in the decorative lead downspout. The rainwater head bears the intertwined initials M.P., referring to Medcalf Proctor and the date of the now Grade II listed building, 1735. Medcalf Proctor resided here with his wife, Frances, and they both died in 1792. A previous building on the site is said to date back to 1596 and there are records to show a Francis Proctor residing at Thorpe Hall in 1713.
[internal reference; 200568_19585818:Comm 10/24]
Thorpe Hall, from the rear, Middleton Lane (Thorpe)
Colour image2005. View of Thorpe Hall from the rear and looking at the right return wall of the building. There is a venetian stairlight on the first floor. Thorpe Hall dates from 1735 and was the seat of the Gascoigne and Proctor families. An earlier building once occupied the site. Constructed in red brick, the house is built on three storeys in the classical style. Later, it had been part of a farm and used as a store. Thorpe Hall was Grade II listed in 1964.
[internal reference; 200568_67992801:COMM 10/20]