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Location - Leeds & District

Drive to Middleton Lodge (Middleton)
Black & White image23rd August 1919. View of tree lined drive to Middleton Lodge.
[internal reference; 2002820_25320071:C LIQ Middleton (1)]
Drive to Middleton Lodge (Middleton) (2 comments)
Black & White image24th August 1918. View of a drive through the woods up to Middleton Lodge, showing a tree-lined track with branches overhanging.
[internal reference; 2002820_8413332:C LIQ Middleton (7)]
Garden Party at Middleton Lodge (Middleton) (23 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Situated in 365 acres of Parkland. There was believed to be a large Manorial house on the site as long ago as 1202. In 1754 the Brandling family who were mining and business owners resided here. At the time they were the main employers of the local area. This building became the clubhouse of Middleton Park Municipal Golf Club.
[internal reference; 2002212_50118655:RO* (2nd copy Local Studies D LIE MIDDLETON 16)]
Middleton Lodge (Middleton) (1 comment)
Black & White image31st October 1918 Built around 1760, design attributed to James Paine of Yorkshire. One of the homes of the Brandling family, occupied by them at various times until 1860s. Last member of family in residence was Henrietta Brandling in 1861. By 1871 Edmund Maude, partner in Middleton Estate and Colliery company was living there with his family. In 1920 the Park was leased to Leeds City Council. Edmund's daughter Fanny kept tenancy of the lodge and area of land to south of lodge, including present rose garden. After her death in 1933, lodge became headquarters of Middleton Golf Club, until 1986.
[internal reference; 2002514_82041568:C LIE Middleton (7)]
Middleton Lodge (Middleton) (1 comment)
Black & White image23rd August 1918. View of part of the 365 acres of parkland surrounding Middleton Lodge. The lodge can just be seen centre left.
[internal reference; 2002820_58248538:C LIQ Middleton (3)]