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Glass House Farm (Middleton)
Black & White imageView of Glass House Farm on junction with Middleton Park Avenue and Acre Road. The building and 66 Acres of land was purchased by Middleton Estate and Colliery Company in 1898. The name possibly comes from its hot house frontage. The resident farmers were James and Sarah Elizabeth Glenn.
[internal reference; 2002221_74920291:RO GHF 1]
Gypsy and Traveller roadside site, Middleton Park (Middleton) (4 comments)
Black & White image19th August 1986. View of a gypsy and traveller roadside site at the Middleton Railway terminus at Middleton Park. Approximately thirty caravans were encamped on the site owned by Leeds City Council and adjoining Middleton Railway. Middleton Railway is the oldest commercial railway in the world. In the background of the image, centre, is Windmill Primary School (formerly Belle Isle Primary School)in Windmill Road. The traveller encampment is situated in the vicinity of Windrose Drive which is between the school and the Middleton Railway terminus.
[internal reference; 201084_171041:LEO 6248]
Lakeside Education Centre, Middleton Park (Middleton) (5 comments)
Colour image2005. View of the single storey, brick built Lakeside Education Centre in Middleton Park. From here information can be obtained on Middleton Woods Nature Reserve, covering an area of approx. 80 hectares. The woods were designated as a 'Local Nature Reserve' in 1992 and much work is carried out to maintain the habitats of wildlife and plant species. A large area of the woodland is described as Ancient Semi-natural woodlands. It supports many species of birds, insects, small mammals, trees and wild flowers. In 1998 the area was given the special status of a Scheduled Ancient Monument. There is evidence of medieval mine workings which were operated by monks. Later earthworks and colliery workings date from at least the 18th Century.
[internal reference; 2005622_12931460:COMM 12/26]
Long Chimneys, Middleton Park Avenue (Middleton) (3 comments)
Black & White image1914 Image shows a tall chimney probably part of Middleton Park Avenue among fields.
[internal reference; 20031010_96891422:D LIP Middleton 4]
Middleton Arms ( The ), Middleton Park (Circus), Middleton Park Road (Middleton) (14 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. The image shows the Middleton Arms located on Middleton Park (Circus). It opened as a hotel in 1925 and boasted a ballroom which was painted with murals. Between 1930 and 1934 Catholic Mass was celebrated in the ballroom. The Middleton Arms also had its own private double tennis courts and sunken garden.
[internal reference; 2005523_76583499:LEO 667]