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Location - Leeds & District

Birds-eye view of Eastgate (City Centre)
Colour image28th July 2014. Birds-eye view of Eastgate taken from the 4th floor of number 1 Eastgate, National Deposit House. The properties on the south side of Eastgate have recently been demolished in preparation for the new development of Victoria Gate. The properties demolished are numbers 10 to 46 Eastgate and running behind them was Union Street which is also now part of the site. In the background, left of centre, Millgarth Police Headquarters still stands in Millgarth Street. It too is scheduled for demolition and the multi-storey car park adjacent to a flagship John Lewis store will be built on the site. The junction with Harewood Street (where the man is walking) is in the foreground off towards the right. Harewood Street will be pedestrianised as part of the scheme. On the right are numbers 6 and 8 (Eastgate News,) Eastgate. In the background left is Quarry House and in front of it the light coloured building of the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Behind the large crane Kirkgate Market is visible, including the coloured stall canopies of the outdoor market. On the horizon the tower of Leeds Parish Church of St. Peter can be seen.
[internal reference; 2014812_175241:LEO 7931]
Dyer Street, Leeds Model Lodging House (City Centre)
Black & White image3rd September 1934 Leeds Model lodging House, at the junction of Dyer Street and Millgarth Street, numbers 1, 3 and 5. Francis Bott was the manager. To the left across Millgarth Street, the new Kingston Unity Insurance building can be seen on Eastgate, which had just been widened to provide a better throughfare. Faded signs are on the walls of the lodging house, cars and carts can be seen in the street. A poster on the wall of the building advertising show at Empire Theatre.
[internal reference; 2002315_63633365:C LIE Leeds (1)]
George Street, Fire Tanks (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970s. View of George Street looking towards Millgarth Street, showing the Police Headquarters building with cars parked in front. The positions of two fire tanks are marked; these are underground chambers giving access to the city's water mains, for use by the fire service in the event of a major fire in the vicinity. Reproduced with the kind permission of the West Yorkshire Fire Service.
[internal reference; 2008515_166751:LEO 2971]
Lady beck covering (City Centre)
Black & White image11th March 1914. In foreground is Lady beck, showing structural work to bridge. Behind can be seen Women's Lodging House, Millgarth Street and D Smith Leather Merchant.
[internal reference; 1076:CLIB Lady 17]
Lady Bridge Mills, Millgarth Street (City Centre)
Black & White image10 May 1929 View of partially demolished mill.
[internal reference; 2002815_3640383:C LIP LADY (3)]