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Location - Leeds & District

Byron Street, demolition (Leylands) (4 comments)
Black & White image24th February 1933. The photo is taken from the corner of Millwright Street, and shows back-to-back terraced houses on the lower end of the south west side of Byron Street awaiting demolition. To the right of the picture the road runs up towards Regent Street. To the left of the picture, Millwright Street continues showing the gable ends of Byron Street/Cannon Street, Cannon Street/Mason Street, the gap where Mason Street and Cloth Street has been demolished, and (far-left) the lower end of Saint Street. Photo shows the last seven houses in the row in a dilapidated state, Byron Street sign is clearly visible. Gable end of Byron Street shows storage spaces with narrow wooden doors and wooden fence joining the 2 ends of Cannon Street. Car and gas lamp clearly visible in right foreground of picture, lamps on street corners. Cobbled streets with pavements. Satchel on floor, gable end of Byron Street.
[internal reference; 2002328_77158755:C LIC Brun (6)]
Byron Street, Regent Street (west) (Leylands) (3 comments)
Black & White image14th August 1935. The photo shows the lower end of Byron Street facing down towards the Cross with Regent Street and Millwright Street. Taken from the middle of the road, the photo shows a stepped terrace of residential houses and small shops (some disused). Numbers 55 (left) and 54 (right) prominent in the foreground, Issac Lipman, shopkeeper at 55, and Barnet Statman, fishmonger at 54, 56. Visible in the centre and background left are premises for Mrs. Ada Cohen's shop (71a) and Mac-Sky Stores (83, prop. Sam Macofsky). Byron Mills on Millwright Street occupies the centre background of the photo with signs for James Gough, cabinet maker, J.V. Davis, mechanical Engineers and Harold Beaumont Motor Spares, visible. Road paved, Gas lamp centre right of picture, telegraph pole and many shop advertisements are also all visible.
[internal reference; 2002328_48055667:C LIC Byron (3)]
Cloth Street (Leylands)
Black & White image12th October 1925 View from Millwright Street to Regent Street. Cloth Street appears to be a mixture of residential and commercial properties. Row of houses behind is Saint Street.
[internal reference; 2002325_69237918:C LIC Cloth (1)]
Millwright Street (Mabgate)
Black & White image1901. View looking from Tulip Street onto cottages on east side of Millwright Street on the edge of the Leylands and Mabgate. Men and women can be seen on pavement. Arched ginnel with steps led to other dwellings above or behind visible homes.
[internal reference; 20021010_23461550:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 1, Number 3 (LQ 331.833 L517)]
Millwright Street (City Centre)
Black & White image19th May 1917 Part of the Quarry Hill unhealthy area, to be demolished. View shows cottages empty and boarded up. A notice on the left gives details of clearance area.
[internal reference; 2002315_94349307:C LIE Millwright (1)]