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Location - Leeds & District

Burmantofts Works, seen from the cleared area adjacent to Bickerdike Road (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows chimneys in the background belonging to Burmantofts Works of the Leeds Fireclay Company Ltd. In the foreground, much of the area has been cleared to make way for the future Ebor Gardens Estate. The road on the left is Bickerdike Road, with Ironstone Street running form left to right in the centre. The building nearest the camera on the right is a chapel known as the Mission Rooms. This is situated between Bickerdike Street to its left and Wright Street to its right, and is numbered 43 Wright Street. Next to it are houses numbered 46 and 48 Bickerdike Street which form back to backs with 45 and 47 Wright Street. These buildings would also soon be demolished. Further back, Torre Road runs from left to right in front of the brickworks. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[internal reference; 2007830_164591:LEO 2051]
Cross Myrtle Street nos. 14, 16 (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, 1950s view of the Pottery Fields area. On the left edge is part of St Jude's Mission Room. A wall sign reads 'Come in, God is calling you, accept or refuse God, there is no middle way. Do not decieve yourself, if you are on the Lord's side you will come into the house of God, Happy Services, Sunday 6.30'.Moving right, the entrance to Thorn Street is visible followed by numbers 16 and 14 Cross Myrtle Street. Houses on Ebony Street can be seen on the right edge.
[internal reference; 200373_58846682:WYAS Pottery Field, Box 93, no. 82]
Cross Myrtle Street, St Judes Mission Room (Hunslet) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, View shows St Jude's C. of E. Mission Room on Cross Myrtle Street. Built in 1875, it fell out of use in the late 1940s. A sign on the wall state 'Come in, God is calling you' along with other phrases and Sunday service times. This mission room was affiliated to St Jude's Church at the junction of Leathley and Hunslet Roads. View dates from the 1950s.
[internal reference; 200373_53478640:WYAS Pottery Field, Box 93, no. 80]
Folly Lane, Good Physician Church of England Mission Room (Beeston)
Black & White image29th November 1966. View shows the Good Physician Church of England Mission Room on Folly Lane.
[internal reference; 2011126_172989:LEO 5818]
Folly Lane, Good Physician Church of England Mission Room and no.10 (Beeston)
Black & White image29th November 1966. View shows the north side of Folly Lane. In the centre is the Good Physician Church of England Mission Room. On the right is no.10 Folly Lane.
[internal reference; 2011126_172990:LEO 5819]