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Location - Leeds & District

Shadwell Lane (Moortown)
Black & White imagec1910. Postcard view of Shadwell Lane in 1912. The furthest building from the camera is the Methodist Chapel. To the right of it is Moortown Council School which became known as Moortown County Primary School. On the reverse side of the postcard is a hand written message which is dated November 9th, 1912. It describes the lady with the perambulator as "my daughter Evelyn, taken two years ago as she was leaving Rosedene" and goes on to say that "the nurse is peeping behind". The postcard is signed by F. E. Thorp. The writer was Frances Elizabeth Thorp, nee Osborn, who married Windsor Thorp (1850 - 1915) in 1874. They had three children, William Osborn,(b.1875) Ronald C. (b.1878)and Evelyn, pictured here, (b.1879). Windsor Thorp was a former builder who became a Fire Loss assessor and was based at the North British & Mercantile Buildings in East Parade, Leeds. The family lived at Rosedene in Moortown, but were formerly at Reginald Terrace in Chapeltown. Several children are visible in the road.
[internal reference; 2014624_175181:LEO 7906]
Shadwell Lane, no. 4 and Moortown Council School (Moortown)
Black & White image30th August 1939. View of Shadwell Lane showing, in the centre, no. 4, Alan Frazer, joiner and undertaker. To the left part of Moortown Council School (now Moortown Primary School) can be seen.
[internal reference; 2008912_167255:S LIE SHAD 1]
Shadwell Lane, postcard (Moortown)
Black & White imagec1904. Postcard with a postmark of 16th April 1904 showing the south-east side of Shadwell Lane. In the centre is Moortown Council School, now known as Moortown Primary School.
[internal reference; 2011712_172388:Artemis Pack 60 (Moortown) no. 2]