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Albion Street, gale damaged Church of the Nazarene (Morley) (3 comments)
Colour image27th June 1984. View along Albion Street looking in the direction of Queen Street. On the right is the Church of the Nazarene. It is screened off and about to be demolished after it was virtually destroyed in gale force winds on the evening of 2nd January 1984. The site was retained by the church authorities and a new church built. Straight ahead Morrison's supermarket and the car park are visible. The section of Albion Street between Corporation Street and Queen Street was blocked off for the building of Morrison's and the Windsor Court shopping precinct in 1972 and the area was cleared except for the Church of the Nazarene. It became surrounded by car parking. The onion shaped dome in the background belongs to the former Morley Industrial Co-operative Society building later to become Barclays Bank. It is situated at the junction of Albion Street with Queen Street.
[internal reference; 2007731_164351:S LIC ALBI (MORL) 2]
Back Gisburn Street (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image thought to be taken from back Gisburn Street showing very old properties with outbuildings and walled back yards. These properties front Waterloo Road and are the rear of shops and businesses numbering from left to right, 96 to 110 Waterloo Road. The area, in the vicinity of Church Street, is now the site of the Penny Hill Centre where Morrison's Supermarket is located.
[internal reference; 2009219_168433:LEO 3707]
Church of the Nazarene (Pentecostal) damaged by severe gales (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984 Image shows the badly damaged Church of the Nazarene (Pentecostal) after it was hit by severe gales on the evening of Monday 2nd January 1984. The entire 80' structure of the roof was ripped off and dumped on top of the adjacent Sunday School scattering debris over Morrison's car park. One person suffered minor injuries as a result. Over the previous two years the church had undergone renovations totalling £14,000. The gale damage was estimated at £500,000 and the decision was made to demolish the remains of the building and build a new church on the existing site. The church, located in Albion Street, is screened off and surrounded by car parking space. Morrison's supermarket is seen in the background left and behind it the dome and clock tower of the Town Hall.
[internal reference; 200781_164376:S LIJ CHUR (MORL) 5]
Church of the Nazarene, damaged by severe gales, and undergoing demolition (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984. View from Morrison's car park showing the screened off Church of the Nazarene (Pentecostal) after it was virtually demolished by 80 mph gales on the night of Monday 2nd January 1984. The steeply pitched rook, a structure of 80', was ripped off and dropped on to the adjacent Sunday School building. The church was built in stone with a slate roof and debris was scattered all over the surrounding Morrison's car park causing one person minor injuries. The church authorities made a decision to demolish the church as the damage was estimated at £500,000. They chose to build a new church on the existing site in Albion Street. The view looks towards Queen Street and Morley Town Hall.
[internal reference; 200781_164375:S LIJ CHUR (MORL) 4]
Church of the Nazarene, looking from the direction of Morrison's (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984 View across the car park from Morrison's supermarket and the Windsor Court complex to the Church of the Nazarene which was severely damaged by gales on 2nd January 1984. The extent of the damage is not evident from this perspective but it was assessed at £500,000 and the church authorities decided to demolish the stone building and construct a new church on the existing site in Albion Street. Houses in the background, left, are in Westfield Road.
[internal reference; 2007731_164353:S LIJ CHUR (MORL) 2]