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Thornhill Lodge, Calverley Cutting (Calverley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated Thornhill Lodge, also known locally as the Needle's Eye, was one of 4 lodges built in the 1850s as part of a superior residential development scheme in Calverley Woods. The central arched gateway spans Calverley Cutting, a new road blasted through sandstone to replace the old packhorse route between Calverley and Apperley Bridge. This was also part of the scheme which proved to be a failure. This grand castellated structure is now demolished.
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Thornhill Lodge, Calverley Cutting (Calverley)
Black & White imageUndated. Early view of Thornhill Lodge, now demolished, and known locally as the Needle's Eye. The castellated gateway spans Calverley Cutting, a steep road cut through sandstone rocks replacing the old packhorse way between Calverley and Apperley Bridge. The intention was to develop the area in the 1850s as high class residential.
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Thornhill Lodge, The Needles Eye, Calverley Cutting (Calverley)
Colour imageUndated. Watercolour by Fred Swaine (1858-1942) showing Thornhill Lodge, also known as Apperley Lodge and nicknamed The Needles Eye by local people. It was one of of four lodges built as entrances to a new estate of luxury villas designed in the 1850s and to be sited in Calverley Wood. Looking through the arch it is possible to see the ramp road and bridge spanning the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Apperley Bridge. This new and expensive road between Calverley and Apperley Bridge was originally called Honoria Drive but became known as Calverley Cutting as it had cut through solid rock. It climbs steeply out of the valley, through the wood to Calverley, and replaced the old, meandering packhorse route. Copyright Fred Swaine.
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Thornhill Lodge, 'The Needle's Eye', Calverley Cutting (Calverley)
Black & White imageUndated View of Thornhill Lodge, a stone built, castellated building spanning the Apperley Bridge end of Calverley Cutting. In the 1850s this was one of 4 lodges which were built as part of a development scheme in Calverley Woods to provide luxurious housing. Calverley Cutting is a road blasted through sandstone to replace the old packhorse route, part of the plan for the area. The scheme was not a success, however and this building is now demolished. Local people remember it as 'the Needle's Eye'.
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