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Corpus Christi Primary and Secondary Schools, Halton Moor Primary School, aerial view (Halton) (11 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of schools in Halton taken around the 1960s. The white building just above the centre is Corpus Christi R.C. Secondary Modern, now Corpus Christi Catholic College. Below this in the centre is Corpus Christi R.C. Primary. At the top right, on the other side of Cartmell Drive, is Halton Moor County Primary School, no longer in existence. Towards the bottom right is Corpus Christi R.C. Church. Halton Moor Avenue runs from top left to bottom centre and Neville Road from bottom centre to centre right. Wykebeck Avenue is seen on the bottom left.
[internal reference; 2008618_166994:S LIB HALT 1]
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School, Senior Boys' Class of Easter 1951 (Halton) (2 comments)
Black & White imageMarch 1951. Group portrait of the Senior Boys' class of Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School, taken Easter 1951. The boys were about to leave the school and are named as follows: Back row from left to right; Billy Hazelgrave, Curly Turner, Hazeltine, Peter Jackson, J.Grant, Steven Slingsby, Ryan and Webb. Next row (third from the front, from left to right); Jewison, Pat O'Grady, Moran, Ralph Kerrigan, Joe Dunbar, Fellah, Brian Townsend, Tony Merrion, unknown. Second row from the front; Barry Vincent, Duffy, Barry Duncan, Brian Carney, James Gleason, Brian Duffy, Ernie Hargreaves, Dermot Finn, Frank Moore, Patrick Moran, Ernie Ford. Front Row from left to right; Spencer, Joe McAndrew, Raymond Catterall, Peter Nettleton, James Fobert, Richard Hill, Swales, unknown, William Haigh and Peter Kennedy. Mr M Rossiter, the Headmaster is standing on the left but the woodwork teacher, seen right, is unknown. Corpus Christi School is located in Neville Road and is known nowadays as Corpus Christi Catholic College. The photograph was supplied by Peter Jackson, ciaopj@optusnet.com.au
[internal reference; 201175_172340:LEO 5439]
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School, Senior Girls' Class of Easter 1951 (Halton) (1 comment)
Black & White imageMarch 1951. Image shows the Senior Girls' class of Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School taken prior to them leaving school. Some of the girls are identified as follows; Back Row, from left to right, 2nd is Rita Hunt, 4th is Pat Barlow, 8th is Teresa Bramham, 9th is Susie Moore, 10th is Betty Jessop. 3rd Row, from left to right are: 1st, ? Cashen, 5th Celia Wade. On the 2nd row the only girl so far identified is ? Clooney, 6th from the left. Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School is situated in Neville Road and nowadays has been renamed Corpus Christi College. The photograph was supplied by Peter Jackson, ciaopj@optusnet.com.au
[internal reference; 201175_172339:LEO 5440]
Neville Road (City Centre)
Colour image17th September 1999.View shows the Privilege Insurance Building on Neville Road. The canal basin is in the foreground and a railway bridge is to the left. A lamp post and roadsign are on the right with an office block in the background. A figure can be seen sitting on a bench.
[internal reference; 10092:MIL 7/34]
Neville Road, Osmondthorpe Library (Osmondthorpe)
Colour imagec1980s. View of the former Osmondthorpe Branch Library on Neville Road. This library has since been relocated to the Osmondthorpe One-Stop Shop in the old Osmondthorpe School building on Wykebeck Mount.
[internal reference; 20081024_167663:S LIHL OSMO 2]