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Location - Leeds & District

Coldcotes Primary School / North Farm Middle School, view from (Gipton) (3 comments)
Colour imageUndated. View from the snow-covered grounds of a school at the junction of Thorn Walk and North Farm Road. This was at one time Coldcotes Primary School and later North Farm Middle but has now been demolished. Part of the school can be seen at the right edge. Oak Tree Drive is in the foreground, North Farm Road runs from the left edge by the junction with Thorn Drive and continues up the hill in the centre background, while Thorn Walk is at the far side of the school on the right. Houses visible include the semi-detached pair of 2 Thorn Drive and 63 North Farm Road facing forwards on the left.
[internal reference; 201121_171739:LEO 5280]
Gipton Housing Office, Councillor Michael Simmons and Housing Manager Bob Prince (Gipton) (3 comments)
Black & White image2nd September 1982. Image shows Councillor Michael Simmons, left, as he hands over the keys to the new Gipton Housing Office to the new Housing Manager, Mr. Bob Prince. Gipton Housing Office was opened on Thursday 2nd September 1982. It is located at the corner of Foundry Avenue with North Farm Road at number 95 Foundry Avenue. Nowadays, it is called Leeds East Homes Ltd., for Gipton north.
[internal reference; 2009930_169451:LEO 4335]
Gipton Housing Office, local tenants (Gipton)
Black & White image2nd September 1982. Local tenants respresentatives attended the opening ceremony of the new Gipton Housing Office located at number 95 Foundry Avenue at the corner with North Farm Road. It opened on 2nd September 1982. Pictured are Eddie Manning, Chairman of the Gipton Federation of Tenants Associations, Stan Hanson and Margaret Woodward. The new Housing Manager was 29-year-old Bob Prince who moved to Gipton from the Seacroft Office.
[internal reference; 2009930_169450:LEO 4334]
Oak Tree Drive in the snow (Gipton) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated. Image thought to have been taken in Oak Tree Drive after a snowfall. The block of flats on the left is possibly Briarsdale Court with Briarsdale Heights on the right. The bus is travelling on North Farm Road. Houses on the left are part of the Ambertons. The view looks towards Seacroft.
[internal reference; 201121_171738:LEO 5279]