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Location - Leeds & District

Cavendish Street, North Hall Street, nos. 33, 35 (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Cavendish Street is in the bottom left corner, the view is looking across to North Hall Street. To the left is the junction with Clifford Street, then Spring Street West. In the centre North Hall Street has previously been partly demolished. The corner shop premises were number 33, to house 35. Photo taken prior to clearance in the late 1950s.
[internal reference; 2003417_33027285:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/1. No 20]
Denison Street (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd November 1947. View of derelict houses on Denison Street, near the junction with North Hall Street, looking north-east.
[internal reference; 5567:CLIC Denison 1]
Kirkstall Road nos. 70 - 84, North Hall Street nos. 69, 71 (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, North Hall Street is on the left, number 69 then 71 is next to the cycle shop at the corner with Kirkstall Road. This is 84 Kirkstall Road. A bakers shop is at 82 then I. Birmingham runs a newsagents business at 80. A ladies hairdresser 'Dorothy' occupies 78. Next 76/74 is J. H. Cohen dealing in new and second hand furniture, then 72/70 premises of Thornhill Motors. This was in the late 1950s, prior to redevelopment of the area.
[internal reference; 2003424_64184207:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/2. No 108]
North Hall Street (Burley) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Photo taken prior to clearance in the late 1950s. This was the odd numbered side of the street, which ran between Burley Road and Kirkstall Road. It had been partly demolished prior to 1939, when the Second World War had halted a previous slum clearance programme in this area. To the left the White Building which is just visible was the Springfield Tavern, numbering begins next with 3, then moving right is in ascending order in the direction of Kirkstall Road.
[internal reference; 2003417_61861819:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/1. No 17]
North Hall Street / Kirkstall Road (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image30th September 1941 View of cleared site for the construction of a static water supply basin on North Hall Street
[internal reference; 2002813_18815249:C L1QB Hall (1)]