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Location - Leeds & District

Eastgate Roundabout, Quarry Hill Flats (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1950s. View looking across Eastgate Roundabout, with Appleyard's petrol filling station in the centre, towards Quarry Hill Flats. This is Oastler House, with the entrance to the flats on the left. St. Peter's Street is seen on the right.
[internal reference; 2012910_174023:S LIE QUAR 1]
Lovell Park Towers, from Leeds Terrace (Little London)
Black & White imagec1960s. View looking towards Lovell Park Towers from Leeds Terrace. Buildings on the left are on Oastler Terrace, nos. 13-19. Behind them facing forwards are nos. 26-28 Ramsden Terrace. Lovell Park Towers was one of three blocks of high-rise flats in the area, built in 1967 to a height of 47 metres on 17 floors; the others were Lovell Park Heights and Lowell Park Grange.
[internal reference; 2016617_175841:LEO 8378]
Oastler Terrace (Little London) (2 comments)
Black & White image1956, Trouser factory, business of B. Wineberg and Son Ltd, situated on Oastler Terrace.
[internal reference; 2003224_85335940:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 152]
Oastler Terrace (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image16th January 1947. Derelict houses at Nos.6 to 8 Oastler Terrace.
[internal reference; 6512:CLIE Oastler 1]
Oastler Terrace, nos. 10-14a (Little London)
Black & White image1956, The gate topped with barbed wire on the left is to premises of B. Wineberg and Son, trouser manufacturer. Next number's 14a, 12a Oastler Terrace. A wooden caravan is parked in the yard. Moving right number 12, then 10 at the right end of the row.
[internal reference; 2003221_20269412:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 89]