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Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir (Tingley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1960s. Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir, left. Running from top to bottom is Westerton Road. Haigh Moor Road branches off to the left at the top. Moving down the first right turn of Westerton Road is Smithy Lane with Old Hall Road above it and Greenwood Road below. Next right off Westerton Road is Thirlmere Drive and semi-circular Farleigh Crescent. Then the junction with Eastleigh Drive which bends round in a curve. Bradford Road cuts across the bottom corner. Healey Croft Farm is in the centre at the bottom and the patch of trees close to the Reservoir in Westerton Wood. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007530_163744:wa 249]
Alwoodley Old Hall (Alwoodley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1950. View of Alwoodley Old Hall situated to the side of Eccup Reservoir, now Sandmoor Golf Course. It was the seat of the Franks family then much later in the 1700s the Lane Fox family. Prior to demolition in 1969 it had lain empty for same time.
[internal reference; 20021010_98472232:Historic Interest List A, A34(1)]
Alwoodley Old Hall, Goodrick Lane (Near) (Alwoodley)
Black & White image27th April 1950. iew of Alwoodley Old Hall which was to the side of Eccup reservoir off a footpath, now Sand Moor golf course. The photo is an exterior view from the south east of the stone multi-gabled, mullioned windowed hall with lawned gardens. Windows are small and rectangular with decorative lintel above. Tall tree to front site only remains.
[internal reference; 3104:CLIE Alwoodley 1]
Alwoodley Old Hall, Goodrick Lane (Near) (Alwoodley)
Black & White image24th March 1949. Exterior view of old stone hall with gables, mullioned windows, iron drainpipes; with shrubbed and lawned garden with low stone wall.
[internal reference; 3105:CLIE Alwoodley 2]
Ardsley, Old Hall, Main Street (East Ardsley)
Colour imageFebruary 2007. View of Ardsley Old Hall in Main Street, a grade I listed building. The earliest part of the building dates from 1622 although there were later additions in 1632 and the mid 17th Century. It is built in sandstone with ashlar dressings, Ardsley Old Hall is a good example of a residence belonging to the gentry in the early seventeenth century.
[internal reference; 2007511_163491:Community Pack 19 2]