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E. Oldroyd & Sons (Lofthouse) Ltd, Rhubarb Growers (Carlton) (2 comments)
Colour image2005. This is the location for the family firm of E. Oldroyd & Sons (Lofthouse) Ltd, which has earned the title of Champion Forced Rhubarb Producer. The rhubarb is forced in heated, irrigated sheds which are kept darkened with low watt bulbs or even candlelight. The rhubarb is ready to be harvested between January and March, and during this period Oldroyd's produce 150 tons.
[internal reference; 2005525_22846621:COMM 10/8]
Main Street, Oldroyd's Farm Sign (Carlton)
Colour image2005. View of Main Street dominated by a large blue sign for Oldroyd's Farm. It invites you to 'learn of rhubarb's health giving properties' and promotes the 'Amazing Rhubarb Triangle Experience'. The 'Rhubarb Triangle' is an area bounded by Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield famous for its successful rhubarb growing industry. Oldroyd's is a family business built up over four generations. It is one of only a few large scale growers left, but continues to produce high quality, carefully forced rhubarb, 150 tons annually. The farm utilises 35,000 square feet of land for growing rhubarb.
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Oldroyd Crescent (Beeston)
Black & White image6th September 1937. View of number 58 Oldroyd Crescent owned by Edward Ellis, dairyman. Sign on the gate 'dairy', Leaded windows at the front of the property.
[internal reference; 2002320_71122378:C LIE Oldroyd (1)]
Rhubarb Field & Forcing Sheds, Off Town Street (Carlton)
Colour image2005. Image shows fields of rhubarb, and the forcing sheds, which produce 150 tons annually at the farm of E. Oldroyd & Sons (Lofthouse) Ltd. The rhubarb plants are grown outside for three years to strengthen them and store energy. Crowns are then selected for the forcing sheds where they are kept in a low lit, warm moist environment. The lack of light encourages the plants to produce sweeter, tender red stalks, over a period of about 6 weeks. They are then pulled, not cut, for market. The National Indoor Rhubarb Championships are held in Wakefield each February, when growers compete for the title of Champion Forced Rhubarb.
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Town Street, Oldroyd Crescent (Beeston) (3 comments)
Black & White image2nd April 1955. View shows wasteground on Town Street in front of Oldroyd Crescent. Outbuildings and a lamp post are visible.
[internal reference; 6063:CLIC Town 40]