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Location - Leeds & District

Spen Lane, Milestone (West Park) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of an old milestone on Spen Lane, located at the junction with Spen Road. The chiseled lettering on the milestone is somewhat eroded but reads as follows: At the top are the capital letters 'M' and 'F', which most likely stand for the measurements of 'Miles' and 'Furlongs' (there are 8 furlongs in 1 mile). Headingley (O H? -letters indecipherable) 1.2, Woodhouse Moor 1.6, Leeds Bridge 3.6, Adel Church 1.7, Pool Bank (distance in miles and furlongs indecipherable), Otley (Chevin ?) (distance in miles and furlongs indecipherable), Arthington Station (distance in miles and furlongs indecipherable). A surveyor's benchmark can be seen in the form of an arrow pointing upwards towards a horizontal line. An angle-iron could be placed on the chiseled line as a bench for a levelling rod. It was an elevation reference point and these benchmarks are marked on large scale maps.
[internal reference; 20021016_30579775:Historic Interest List E, E117]