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Location - Leeds & District

Boroughgate, nos. 2-8 (Otley)
Black & White imagec Nov-Dec 1976. View of the north side of Boroughgate showing nos. 2-8, with no. 20 Market Place, the Bay Horse public house, partly visible at the left edge. Next to this, no. 2 Boroughgate is occupied by Finesse House hairdressers and the Lifestyle Boutique, with upper floor office space advertised as 'To Let'. Formerly The Vaults public house, this two-storey stone building of 18th century origin is Grade II listed. Moving right are Otley Branch Library at no. 4 and Council offices at no. 6. These were originally one house dating from the 17th century and are also listed. On the right is a three-storey building also used as Council offices, which is again listed and this time dates from the 18th century.
[internal reference; 2014131_174898:LEO 7442]
Boroughgate, nos. 2b-6 (Otley)
Colour image1996. View of Boroughgate showing the former Otley Library premises at no.4 in the centre. This library has since been transferred to a new building on Nelson Street, which opened in 2006. On the left, no. 2b, Suede Craft of Otley, leather goods, is holding a sale, while to the right are council offices at no.6 which at the time included the Tourist Infromation Office, later transferred to within the library.
[internal reference; 20081031_167750:BRANCH LIBRARIES 1996 PACK 1/11]
Charles Street, Otley Library, rear view (Otley)
Colour image14th March 2007. View showing the side and rear of Otley Branch Library, as seen from Charles Street. The library faces onto Nelson Street, seen on the right. Otley Labour Party offices are on the far side of the road.
[internal reference; 2009330_168796:HIGH ROYDS & OTLEY 2007/33]
Market Place, no. 20, Boroughgate nos. 2-4 (Otley)
Black & White imagec Nov-Dec 1976. View shows no. 20 Market Place on the left, the Bay Horse, a Tetley public house. Boroughgate follows on from this with the entrance to the Bay Horse passage then no. 2, Finesse House hairdressers and Lifestyle Boutique. On the far right at no. 4 is Otley Library, a branch of Leeds City Libraries; this has since moved to larger premises on Nelson Street. All buildings in the picture are Grade II listed. The Bay Horse features an early 19th century front elevation with an earlier rear wing. No. 2, which was previously The Vaults public house, originated in the 18th century, while the Library formed a 17th century house along with no. 6 next door.
[internal reference; 2014131_174899:LEO 7441]
Nelson Street, Otley Library (Otley)
Colour image20th March 2007. View of the new Otley Branch Library building, situated on Nelson Street. This library was opened in January 2006 replacing the old premises in Boroughgate which had for a long time been too small for the purpose. The library also houses the Tourist Information Service for the town.
[internal reference; 20081124_167921:LIBRARIES MAR 2007 PACK 1/1]