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Armley Ridge Road, old stone cottages, numbers 167-175 (Armley) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of old, stone built cottages on Armley Ridge Road. The junction with Gotts Park Avenue is visible behind the trees. The numbers of these four cottages are 167,169,173,& 175 Armley Ridge Road (1947 directory). They all have the benefit of small back gardens. The little wall at the bottom left is the corner of the back yard of Armley Ridge Terrace, a row of six cottages that still exist today, with a pleasant outlook down Armley Ridge Road. In the background is Armley Ridge Square. The "ginnel" runs all the way behind the back gardens of Gotts park Avenue, emerging next to the Wyther Hotel.
[internal reference; 20021016_63642520:Historic Interest List E, E216(2)]
Cross Gates, Manston, Stanks and Swarcliffe, aerial view (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view looking north-east over Cross Gates, Manston and Stanks in the foreground, Swarcliffe in the centre and Scholes in the distance. Manston Drive then Manston Gardens run across near the bottom, with St. James's Church above, on Church Lane which continues down to the bottom parallel to The Drive and Park Avenue. Penda's way and the Kelmscotts are to the right. Barwick Road runs from the left just below centre, becoming Leeds Road as it continues upwards to the right past the Stanks Bridge railway crossing.
[internal reference; 2010129_170149:C LIB STANKS 10]
Cross Regent Park Avenue (Hyde Park)
Black & White image1961 On the left of this view is Cross Regent Park Avenue, a cobbled footpath running between the Hyde Park Hotel and Regent Park Terrace. The rest of the view shows the side of number 7 Wood's Buildings.
[internal reference; 20031217_60972232:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/1, no. 18]
Cross Regent Park Avenue (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image1961 View looks from Cross Regent Park Avenue. On the left edge are properties on Back West End Terrace. A car is parked where numbers 8 and 9 West End Place had once stood. The back of number 14 West End Terrace can be seen in the centre, with the back of number 13 and the remains of number 12 following to the right.
[internal reference; 20031217_71238345:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/1, no. 17]
Dib Lane nos. 122 - 134 (Oakwood) (9 comments)
Black & White image14th December 1940. On the left is Grange Park Avenue, joining Easterly Road which is in the foreground. The block of shops are as follows, from the left, number 134 Grange Park Parade is the Post Office and sweet shop; moving left number 132 Walter Thomas Hewitt, Fish and Chip Shop; number 130 Reginald Broadbent, Bakers Shop; next number 128 Mark Allanson, Greengrocer. Numbers 124/126 are not listed, but shop on the right at the end was number 122, John Rimmington Grocer. The single storey building was the lodge to Eastfield, a large Georgian house, which can be seen behind it. The Lodge is now Lodge Medical Centre. Eastfield was demolished and Turnbull Court built.
[internal reference; 2002619_34220522:C LIC East ( 30 )]