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Church Lane from the entrance to Grange Avenue, Park Cottage (Garforth)
Colour imageUndated. View of Park Cottage in Church Lane seen from the entrance to Grange Avenue. (Grange Avenue is the site of the Grange, a large residence now demolished.) Park Cottage was once the coachman's house but was demolished in 1994 to build St. Armand's Court residential care home at number 25 Church Lane. It has 40 places for residents and is part of The Hollies, a 19th century adjacent building which can accommodate 28 residents.
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Church Lane, Park Cottage (Garforth)
Colour imageUndated. View of Park Cottage in Church Lane, a former coachman's house belonging to The Grange, a large residence which once stood on the opposite side of Church Lane. There are adjoining gables and an attached barn. Park Cottage was demolished in 1994 to build St. Armand's Court, a residential 40 bed care home, part of the Hollies residential care home with 28 places for residents, situated next to it.
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Harehills Park Cottages, Harehills Park (Harehills)
Black & White image14th November 1934. View of Harehills Park Cottages looking south. They are known locally as Park House and Park Cottage and are located in Harehills Park adjacent to one of the bowling greens. The hedge at the left hand side borders the bowling green. The garden is cultivated and there are some outhouses to the right. The semi detached houses in the background, right, are situated in Coldcotes Avenue.
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Pound or 'Pinfold', in the front garden of Park Cottage (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image25th February 1915 The view is of a pound or pinfold, an enclosure where traditionally stray animals in the village were driven. The village cryer would then announce the fact that an animal had been confined and the owner would be forced to pay a fine of 2d in order to claim it. Thorp Arch pinfold is in front garden of Park Cottage on the village green opposite to South Lodge. Inside the enclosure the teethering rings remain set into the walls.
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