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Location - Leeds & District

Park Lane, looking north-east (Shadwell)
Black & White image6th July 1948. View looking north-east along Park Lane. Metal railings and trees line the road on the right. The point where the car is seen is the entrance to Roundhay Park Golfclub house.
[internal reference; 5770:CLIC Round 16]
Aerial view of Park Square and surrounding area (City Centre) (6 comments)
Black & White imagec1926 Aerial view of Park Square surrounded by trees just off centre. St Paul's Street runs from the top left hand corner to the bottom edge. The moorish warehouse between the south side of the square and St Paul's Street was designed by Thomas Ambler in 1878 for John Barran, the clothing manufacture. Adjacent to it is the former site of St Paul's Church which was demolished in 1906. It was not built on until the 1930s when the offices for the Water Board were erected. Park Place runs across the bottom left hand corner parallel with St Paul's Street. Park Square East cuts across the bottom right hand corner to join Park Square East behind the properties on the right hand side of Park Square. The road in front of these properties is Park Square North. Park Square West is at the head of the square running between St. Paul's Street and Park Lane. After the junction with Park Lane is Park Street running to the top right edge. On the corner the building with the turret is the old Leeds Corporation Rates Office.
[internal reference; 2007731_164349:N LIB PARK (19)]
Alexander Street (City Centre)
Black & White image21st October 1928, View looking on to Alexander Street from Park Lane. Whartons Hotel can be seen on left with Pitman's Business School on right.
[internal reference; 20021017_75935000:Pickard No 9 (F 942.75 L51L) (2nd copy at N LIC Headrow 8)]
Back Burley Street nos. 2, 4, Burley Street (Burley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Photo taken in the late 1950s, on the left is number 4 Back Burley Street, then 2 where a child is on the step. The small corner shop is partly on Burley Street which runs left to right in the foreground. The other side of the shop is on Park Lane, number 209. It is a newsagents, business of F Brooke. Large posters advertise Ilford Films and Woodbine Cigarettes. Cinema posters include one for a showing of 'Fort Yuma' released in 1955. Also 'Interpol' starring Victor Mature.
[internal reference; 2003424_82587833:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/2. No 104]
Bedford Place, showing a horse drawn milk cart (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Early view of Bedford Place showing terraced properties on the even numbered, east side. Bedford Place joins Park Lane next to number 58 Park Lane, the Bedford Hotel. Central to the image is a horse drawn milk cart, the business of George Moss of 15 Airedale Place, off West Street. The milk is transported in a large churn, seen on the cart, and individual householders would bring a jug or other vessel to have filled. George Moss is likely to be one of the gentlemen standing on the pavement. Flights of steps lead up to the doorway of the houses where several people can be seen. These houses were demolished and on a 1952 O.S. Map Marlbeck House Clothing Factory occupies the site. Number 32 Bedford Place is in the centre and, at this time, it was the home of Addyman Parkin Barker, a woodturner and sawyer with a workshop in Mills Yard, Great Wilson Street. The photographer is the son of Addyman Barker, Adolphus Parkin Barker.
[internal reference; 20061212_162502:LEO 1374]