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Location - Leeds & District

Lower Town Street at the entrance to Patchett's Place (Bramley) (4 comments)
Black & White image23rd March, 1960. View of Lower Town Street showing the entrance to Patchett's Place, right. The two shop properties are, left, William Lax, Newsagent, at number 162 and right, Busy 'B' Ltd, Butchers, at number 160. Number 162 had been the location of Bramley Post Office since 1854. In 1892 Mr. J.W. Dawson took over the position of Post-master from his father and by the turn of the century it had become a thriving business. In 1902 600,000 letters were delivered and 7,000 telegrams and there was a turnover of £20,000. 8 postmen were making 3 daily deliveries in Bramley from this office. In the photograph parked infront of the Busy 'B' is the errand boy's bicycle with its large basket at the front for delivering the meat orders to homes within the community.
[internal reference; 2003115_73250979:WYAS Kitson Square Box 113/2, no. 137]
Lower Town Street, junction with Patchett's Place nos. 156 - 158 (Bramley) (3 comments)
Black & White image22nd March 1966 View of Lower Town Street at the entrance to Patchett's Place. The shop adjacent to Patchett's Place is number 158 Lower Town Street and is called 'Procters', selling glass china, hardware and ironmongery. In Kelly's directory for 1888, K. Pratchett & Son, rent collectors & Co occupied the premises and it was this family who built the dwellings in Patchett's Place. Although Procter's name is still above the shop front the proprietors are now J. & A. Ward. At number 156a, Farm Stores Ltd is situated, one of several companies behind the origins of the ASDA name. Finally, far right is number 156 Freehold Wallpapers.
[internal reference; 20031128_59508914:WYAS Bramley (Town Street) Box 113/4, no. 358]
Lower Town Street, no. 160 (Bramley) (1 comment)
Colour image1970s. View of Busy B Ltd., butchers shop at no. 160 Lower Town Street, prior to demolition. Patchett's Place is on the right surrounded by scaffolding. The new Bramley Shopping Centre can be seen in the background.
[internal reference; 2006126_160497:LEO 744]
Lower Town Street, Patchett's Place (Bramley)
Black & White image22nd March 1966 The three storey building is the rear of 158 Lower Town Street once occupied by the Patchett family who built the dwellings in Patchett's Place. For many years, including when this image was taken, it was known as 'Proctor's' China, Hardware and Ironmongery Retailers. The adjoining two storey building is number 4 Patchett Place, a rear view. This was used as a storage for some of the large items which Procter's stocked such as rolls of wire netting and galvanised tin baths. People are seen cutting across to Lower Town Street and the vicinity of Stocks Hill from the direction of Sagar Musgrave's Row and Sagar Musgrave's Place. In the background, left is one of the arched niches built into the retaining wall and containing a horse trough. This wall in Stocks Hill is grade II listed.
[internal reference; 20031128_7015627:WYAS Bramley (Town Street) Box 113/4, no. 360]
Outgang no. 11 (Bramley)
Black & White image23rd March 1960 This substantial stone-built house is set in the corner of Simpson's Field and addressed as 11 Outgang. It can be accessed via Walker's Snickett or via Outgang. In 1909 the building is listed as the Bramley Union Children's Home, run by Mrs Annie C. Stead, Matron (Kelly's Directory). In the 1920s, it was the residence of Frederick Sharp, who had a Clothiers, Hatters and Outfitters at number 156 Lower Town Street, established in 1885. He was a very highly respected businessman and a member the Bramley Board of Guardians. Later, number 11 Outgang was occupied by John Norbert Cussens, Nurseryman, who also had a business in Lower Town Street, a greengrocery and florists at number 150. Properties in Patchett's Place are visible in the background, left.
[internal reference; 2003115_11663454:WYAS Kitson Square Box 113/2, no. 134]