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Bedford Street, Nos. 14-22, Peel Street No. 25, demolition (Morley)
Black & White imageC1960. View from Peel street showing demolition in progress of a terrace of back-to-back houses on Bedford Street, numbered (from right) 14 to 22, and including the corner shop at the end numbered 25 Peel street, which has an advertisement for Brooke Bond Tea still showing. The disabled car of a local inhabitant is parked in the foreground. Bedford Street was one of the 'City Streets' which were all demolished during the slum clearance of the early 1960s and replaced by Lewisham Court. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007115_162698:MORLEY M 2405]
Bethel United Methodist Chapel, Commercial Street (Morley)
Colour imageOctober 1965. View shows both buildings of the Bethel United Methodist Chapel on Commercial Street. The building nearer to Peel Street dates from 1858 and became the Sunday School and social activities building after the completion of the much larger chapel to its left in 1896. The second building was completed at a time when many Methodist chapels in Morley were extending their seating capacity, eg. Ebenezer and Banks Hill, and were both designed by the same architect, Mr. T. A. Buttery. Not long after this picture was taken the Bethel Chapel closed and the congregation joined up with the Central Methodist Chapel on Wesley Street. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2005118_24424380:Morley M 113]
Cambridge Street, number 11 (Morley)
Black & White imageJune 1962. View of number 11 Cambridge Street, a red brick back-to-back terraced house located half-way down the street. To the right there are outside toilets and an old gas street lamp standing on the pavement. Cambridge Street is situated between Peel Street and Ackroyd Street.
[internal reference; 20081013_167507:LEO 3479]
Central Methodist Church, burial ground (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour imageJuly 1967. View of the Central Methodist Church burial ground. On the left is the side of the Sunday School building, soon to be demolished, and on the right the rear of buildings numbered 88a and 88b Queen Street. The gap between these looks out onto Queen Street by the junction with Peel Street. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006105_162047:MORLEY m2001]
City area, aerial view (Morley)
Black & White image1947. Aerial view of the 'City' area of Morley, around Peel Street which runs diagonally upwards from the bottom centre. Terraced housing on the streets known as the City Streets can be seen running between Peel Street and Ackroyd Street, which runs parallel to it on the left. In the top right hand corner are the City prefabs, built in 1945 and demolished about 20 years later. Several mills are visible including Peel Mills are the bottom and the City Mills in the centre on both sides of Peel Street. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007123_162812:MORLEY M 2571]