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Abbey Picture House, Abbey Road (Kirkstall) (9 comments)
Black & White image26th August 1937 This cinema opened on 22nd September 1913 showing 'The Web' and 'The Near to Return Road' The architect was Fred Mitchell, manager John Briggs, owners Ransley, Dealey and Briggs. There were 520 seats it advertised, that the new picture house has five exits and fifteen ventilators. On an orchestral balcony good music is provided by piano and violin under the direction of Mr Will H Netttleton. It was closed on 8th October 1960, last film shown was 'Idle on Parade' with William Bendix. Now a bingo hall.
[internal reference; 2002820_4354494:C LIR KIRK (2)]
Albert Terrace, Lyceum Picture House (Burley) (14 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the house, nearest the camera, on Albert Terrace, where the Tempest Family lived when they first came to Armley Mills. Steward Tempest had begun as a child labourer at Armley Mills and the company he founded, Bentley and Tempest, took over the mill in 1907. The Lyceum Picture House at the junction with Thornville Road and Cardigan Road can be seen to the right.
[internal reference; 200351_60511416:Leeds Museums Armley 1]
Bridge over L N E R (Cross Gates) (2 comments)
Black & White image30th March 1931. View down Station Road towards bridge over L N E R with Cold Well Road on the right (now Coldwell Road). Before the bridge, on the left is The Station Hotel. Across the bridge is the cinema called The Picture House at this time. Later, on 5th October 1938, the name changed from the Picture House to the Ritz. The cinema opened on 5th August 1920 with a showing of 'Master of my Fate', and closed on 16th May 1965 with 'Hell to Eternity' starring Vic Damone. The premises are now demolished. Down Cold Well Road is a semi detached house with bay windows with stained glass.
[internal reference; 578:CLIB Station 1]
Burley Road no. 181, Burley Picture House, Wordsworth Street (Burley) (22 comments)
Black & White image2nd November 1959 View of Burley Picture House with Wordsworth Street on the left and Roberts Place to the right. Kirkstall Road is at the bottom of Wordsworth Street. This cinema opened on 2nd August 1913 (date is on the front, over the word Burley). It was owned by the Burley Picture House Co. Ltd. and was designed by F.W. Rhodes of Upper Wortley, Leeds. The manager of the cinema was Arthur Sutcliffe. There were seats for 161 patrons. It was closed on Saturday 28th February 1959. The last film shown was called 'Passage Under the Sea'. The cinema was demolished. On the right is part of Burley Liberal Club.
[internal reference; 200356_73409671:WYAS Kirkstall Road (West) Box 61/1, no. 60]
Church Lane, Fine Fare Supermarket, the former Picture House (Pudsey) (7 comments)
Black & White image1970. View showing Fine Fare Supermarket on Church Lane. The building originally housed the Picture House cinema until its closure in 1960. The windows advertise a 'Fresh Food Fiesta' with coffee priced at 4/2d (21p),Jacob's Cream Crackers at 10d (4p), Ambrosia Milk Puddings at 11d (4.5p), Cross & Blackwell Baked Beans at 7d (3p) and 11d (4.5p), Kangaroo Butter at 2/8d (13.5p)and Daz at 2/- (10p). A pushchair is parked outside the supermarket entrance along with shopping trollies.
[internal reference; 20041210_95931644:CINE 26]