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Abbott Place, from Armley Road (Armley) (19 comments)
Black & White image2nd February 1968. Image shows back-to-back terraces on Abbott Place off Armley Road with cars parked on the street. On the corner a letter box stands outside the Castleton Post Office also the National Insurance dispensing chemist run by E.D. Garvin M.P.S. To the right of this is D & M Darbishire newsagents, advertising Capstan and Players cigarettes, with an advertisement for Dettol wall mounted above the shop. Just seen on the far right is Abbot Street.
[internal reference; 200334_71586246:WYAS(Armley Road, Parliament Road) Box 8, No. 42]
Adel Post Office (Adel)
Black & White image7th December 1932. Adel Post Office on Otley Road, which is also a confectioners and cafe. Jars of sweets can be seen in the window. There is a weighing machine outside.
[internal reference; 649:CLIB Otley 14]
Adel Post Office, Otley Road (Adel)
Black & White image14th July 1936. Situated at the junction of Otley Road and the Crescent, business of Fredrick Sidney Smith. Single storey building extension of adjoining bungalow. A post box is on the left wall. A road sign for 30 mile per hour speed limit is also to the left.
[internal reference; 2002620_82773990:C LIP Ad ( 2 )]
Armistice Day, City Square (City Centre)
Black & White image11th November 1926 The Armistice Day Remembrance Ceremony showing the Sergeant-at-Mace, Edward T. Jones leading the procession of dignitaries through City Square. In the background, looking towards Quebec Street, Part of the Majestic Cinema can be seen left, and the General Post Office Building, right. Immediately behind the Sergeant-at-Mace are to the left, Alderman Leslie Owen, Deputy Lord Mayor (in the absence of the Lord Mayor, Hugh Lupton, through illness) centre, the Lady Mayoress, Ella Lupton wearing chains of office, and right, the Deputy Lady Mayoress, Mrs Owen. The Great Mace of Leeds carried by the Sergeant-at-Mace was made in 1694 by Arthur Mangey a Goldsmith of Briggate. It cost 60 pounds 11 shillings to make, and recently has been insured for £20,000. Although pleading innocence, Arthur Mangey was later accused and convicted of clipping coins and was executed at York on October 2nd 1696. However, a search of his Briggate workshop after his death revealed a pair of shears. The mace is always carried before the Lord Mayor at official ceremonies and is representative of Royal Authority.
[internal reference; 2003716_23331851:Thoresby, Lupton Mayorality Album, no. 3]
Armistice Day, Leeds General Post Office Building, City Square (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image11th November 1926 View of the procession through City Square to lay the wreath in front of the War Memorial. On the far left is Miss Jessie Beatrice Kitson a descendant of James Kitson Senior (1807-1885) founder of the Airedale Foundry in Hunslet and famed for building the first locomotive in 1837 with Charles Todd. His eldest son, James, was raised to the peerage of Lord Airedale in 1907. Miss Kitson was the niece of Frederick James Kitson who became Lord Mayor in 1908. He was the son of Lord Airedale's brother, Frederick William Kitson. Jessie Beatrice Kitson went on to become the first woman elected Lord Mayor following the death of Arthur Clark in November 1942. Also seen, in wig and gown is the Town Clerk and Solicitor to the Corporation, Thomas Thornton, the Deputy Lord Mayor, Alderman Leslie Owen, the Lady Mayoress, Ella Lupton and leading the procession, the Sergeant-at-Mace Edward T. Jones.
[internal reference; 2003716_22025698:Thoresby, Lupton Mayorality Album, no. 5]