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Harrogate Road, junction with Potternewton Lane (Chapel Allerton) (3 comments)
Black & White image26th September 1951. View of Harrogate Road by the junction with Potternewton Lane, right, showing semi-detached cottages with gardens surrounded by a stone wall, hedge and wrought iron gate. The photograph shows the position for hoardings advertising 'Lewis's Department Store', which has been added to the photograph after printing. There is also a notice advertising an F.A. Cup match between Yorkshire Amateurs and Pilkingtons. The photograph shows a zebra crossing.
[internal reference; 4617:CLIE Har 10]
Harrogate Road, Potternewton Lane (Chapel Allerton) (2 comments)
Black & White image7th June 1947. The junction of Harrogate Road and Potternewton Lane. In the foreground is a streetlamp and a belisha beacon. Behind, on a house wall is a large poster for Yardley lavender toiletries, to the right is a poster for Oxydol detergent.
[internal reference; 5177:CLIC Har 113]
Harrogate Road,looking south-east (Chapel Allerton) (9 comments)
Black & White image26th September 1951. View looking south east down Harrogate Road towards the junction with Harehills Lane and Chapeltown Road. Potternewton Lane turns off on the right. A sign advertises 'Lewis's Department Store'. On the left a tram can be seen approaching a zebra crossing. People wait at a tram stop.
[internal reference; 5141:CLIC Har 109]
Lodge to Potternewton House, Potternewton lane (Potternewton) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1904. Image shows an old stone built lodge belonging to Potternewton House,located on Potternewton Lane. It is constructed on one storey and has arched windows. There is a gateway to the left, with a capped stone pillar, and a larger gate to the right which crosses Potternewton Lane. A man wearing a flat cap and overcoat can be seen standing near the low stone wall on the left. He is a member of the Barker family. Adolphus Parkin Barker was a keen amateur photographer and was known to have lived in the Meanwood and Little London area. In the background a chimney is visible which is thought to be part of the Parisian Laundry (1908 map)at number 2 Henconner Lane.
[internal reference; 20061213_162512:LEO 1382]
Old Well House, Potternewton Lane (Chapel Allerton) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows an old property reputed to have had a well under the flagstone floor. The plaque on the gable end reads "1719 Well House". The house is mentioned in the pamphlet written by K.J. Bonser, M.A., A.R.I.B.A., "Spas, Wells and Springs of Leeds" (reprinted from the Publications of the Thoresby society Miscellany, Volume 16, part 1) It is described as "an attractive white-washed stone building". Bonser says that very little is known of the history of the house and well, and that it was demolished in 1962. The sign for Well House Square is displayed on the side of the building. It was located off the north side of Potternewton Lane
[internal reference; 20021016_60189456:Historic Interest List E, E23(2)]