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Can You Help ? (Poultry Shop) (Unknown) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows staff posing outside a shop displaying poultry for sale, and selling Cambridge-made Palethorpes sausages. The premises are next to those of J. Nicholson, wine merchant. It is possible that this is the same premises shown in Leodis image 2017118_176350, but any information on the name or location of the shop would be appreciated.
[internal reference; 20171011_176306:LEO 8736]
Green Road, no 27/29 (Meanwood) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th July 1937. Image shows a licensed grocer's shop, the business of Reginald Joseph, also selling sweets and tobacco. Sandwich boards advertise cream, ices, drinks and Wills Gold Flake cigarettes. To the rear of the shop was number 29 Green Road, the poultry farm of Alvra I. & G. W. Hopwood. The South View Poultry Farm operated on land leased from the owner, Samuel Smith (the brewer) of Tadcaster. It relocated to these premises from land elsewhere on Green Road in 1928 where it remained in business here until 1938. Harry Perfect was an employee with the firm.
[internal reference; 2002819_26797122:C LIP JOS (1)]
Green Road, no 27/29 (Meanwood)
Black & White image7th July 1937. View of number 27 Green Road, a licensed grocers shop also selling sweets and tobacco, the business of Reginald Joseph. Number 29 Green Road lies behind the shop and is a poultry farm run by Alvra I. & G. W. Hopwood. An employee with the firm at the time was Harry Perfect.
[internal reference; 2002819_88239688:C LIP JOS (2)]
Kirkgate Market, butcher (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the stall of Arthur Allen, game & poultry salesman, in the Open Square area of Kirkstall Market. The stall is listed in Leeds Trade Directories as being there from 1908 to 1916. Bags showing the proprietor's name can be seen at the front of the stall, and above is a sign declaring a first prize win for turkey.
[internal reference; 2017927_176283:LEO 8664]
Winsor Poultry and Fish Merchants - can you help ? (Unknown)
Black & White imageDate possibly 1910? Image shows what is thought to be new proprietor of a shop selling poultry, game, fish, including Palethorpes sausages, from Cambridge, and Whitstable oysters. Any information on the business and its location would be welcomed.
[internal reference; 2017118_176350:LEO 8751]