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Location - Leeds & District

Prospect Place, Prospect Terrace (Bramley)
Black & White image7th February 1972 On the left of the image is Prospect Place with numbers 1 to 5 Prospect Terrace on the right. On the far right of these three back-to-back terraced houses is a shared outside toilet yard while clothes hang on a line stretched across the street.
[internal reference; 20031126_21723574:WYAS Bramley (Town Street) Box 144, no. 12]
Prospect Terrace (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image21st July 1961, These houses are facing Hunslet Moor. To the right is number 30, 28 is on the left. All these houses went through to Prospect Street, keeping the same numbers. From the back 28, 30 shared a steep roofline.
[internal reference; 200318_38967532:WYAS Beza Street Box 17 No 53]
Prospect Terrace (Hunslet)
Black & White image21st July 1961, On the left is Beza Street, Jesse Cliffe has a sweet and tobacco shop here. Prospect Terrace begins with number 2 and follows to the right with 4, 6, 8, 10.
[internal reference; 200318_72875613:WYAS Beza Street Box 17 No 57]
Prospect Terrace (Hunslet)
Black & White image21st July 1961, Prospect Terrace, facing Hunslet Moor, to be included in the Beza Street clearance programme.
[internal reference; 200318_84214419:WYAS Beza Street Box 17 No 55]
Prospect Terrace no. 54 (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image23rd May 1968 Prospect Terrace, these were through houses with entrances to the back from Gasholder Place. Numbering runs in ascending order from the left, ending on the right with 54.
[internal reference; 2004212_69691104:WYAS Gasholder Street (Hunslet) Box 330, no. 6]