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Butt Lane no. 2, Pudsey Road no. 203 (Bramley) (6 comments)
Black & White image25th May 1956. View showing the west side of Butt Lane at the corner of Pudsey Road. At number 2 Butt Lane is 'Ashton. Robinson, shopkeeper'. At number 203 Pudsey Road is 'H. Orbell & Sons Ltd, outfitters'. Above the 'Ashton. Robinson' sign is one for 'Greenthorpe Estate Post Office'. There are two advertising hoardings on the building, for Players and Will's "Gold Flake" Cigarettes. A small advertising board for 'Lyons Ice-Cream' is stood outside the shop. More advertisements are visible in the shop window. There are also a number of boxes and crates stacked outside the shop. A van is parked outside and there are two people in the picture.
[internal reference; 8109:CLIC Butt 2 ]
Butt Lane, Newsagents run by Mrs. Constance Hemingway (Bramley)
Black & White imagec1930s. Old, faded image of a newsagent's shop in Butt Lane near the corner with Pudsey Road. In the early to mid 1930s the proprietor was Mrs. Constance Hemingway (nee Brewer). Advertised in the window is a Lending Library and also there are advertisements for ices and Fry's chocolate. Two little girls are visible in the bottom right-hand corner.
[internal reference; 201146_171988:LEO 5349]
Gamecock Inn, Greenthorpe (Bramley)
Black & White image1963. View of the Gamecock Inn, Greenthorpe, on a site at the junction of Pudsey Road with Butt Lane (Gamble Hill). A woman and young boy stand at the entrance with their dog.
[internal reference; 2009917_169406:LEO 4399]
Gamecock Inn, Greenthorpe Late 1960s. (Bramley) (4 comments)
Colour imageLate 1960s. View of the Gamecock Inn, a large public house at the junction of Pudsey Road with Butt Lane in Greenthorpe area. The photograph is taken from Pudsey Road, (foreground) and at the left edge the junction with Henconner Lane is visible. Butt Lane is off to the right with the pillar box on the corner.
[internal reference; 2009917_169407:LEO 4400]
Henconner Lane (Bramley) (2 comments)
Black & White image3rd March 1928. View of Pudsey Road (foreground) showing the junction with Henconner Lane as it climbs the hill, right. The derelict building is situated on the north side of Pudsey Road, at the corner with Henconner Lane, and was once the property of Frederick Thompson, shopkeeper. Behind the street lamp words written in chalk read: "This way to Bramley Show". The street lamp doubles up as an L.C.T. bus stop. A man or young boy is seated on the fencing at the corner and there is a handcart in view at the side of the road. In the background, left, the row of terraced homes number, from left to right, 168, 166, 164 and 162 Pudsey Road.
[internal reference; 9897:CLIC Henc 2]