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Churwell, two maps showing 'before' and 'after' the building of the railway viaduct (Churwell) (1 comment)
Colour imagec1900. Image shows two maps of Churwell showing 'before' (top) and 'after' (bottom) the building of the railway viaduct. Construction of the railway line began in 1845. The viaduct is built on foundations that are three metres deep and it runs for 65 metres in length. There are six arches of which some reach a height of 15 metres. The Yorkshire gritstone blocks used to build the viaduct each weigh 10cwt. The railway viaduct crosses Elland Road at the bottom of Churwell Hill, (bottom map, right) and Churwell Station can be seen, which closed in 1940. Description of both maps follows: Top Map: From left to right along Roman Road, shown in red: Zion Chapel, Commercial Inn, Nowells Farm, Point Hall, Inn (on left bend of 'U' shape), Old Chapel 1829, Old Golden Fleece, Croft Farm (on right bend of 'U' shape), Manor Farm. At the very right edge there is a word that is possibly part of 'Nunnery'. The route marked with dots is the 'path of Elland Road". Bottom Map: From left to right: Zion Chapel, Toll Bar, Commercial Inn, Town Hall. The 'U' shape is made up of Victoria Street, left, Back Green, bottom, Little Lane, right. To left of 'U' shape is Point Hall. Bottom right corner of 'U' is Croft Farm. Little Lane continues to become Pump Hill, then Old Road, & Manor Farm is next to the railway line. Elland Road cuts across the centre and Shool (School ?) Street runs between Old Road and Elland Road. The railway line has been built and Churwell Station is marked next to Elland Road. Toll Bar visible towards the right -hand side. Parts of the remaining original Roman Road are marked in red. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2009624_169188:C0100-Map]
Old Road, Maltkin Yard and the Fish and Chip Shop (Churwell)
Colour imagec1960. View of Old Road, Maltkin Yard and the Fish and Chip Shop once owned by the Jameson family. The houses behind the shop are on Granny Avenue. The road going downhill is Pump Hill on Old Road. Research by Ronnie Barraclough. Photographs from the David Atkinson Archive, taken by W.J. Monger.
[internal reference; 200933_168549:C0019-C]
Pump Hill, the view from, postcard (Churwell)
Black & White image1920s. Postcard view from Pump Hill. There was a communal well in this region, (hence the name) which reputedly could be heard bubbling away under the War Memorial after it was erected here. Information from 'History on Your Doorstep' by Bob Dennis. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2009623_169167:C0081-BW]
Westerman's Square on Pump Hill (Churwell)
Black & White imagec1910. Early postcard image showing Westerman's Square on Pump Hill. Women in long skirts and aprons are standing at the doorways of their cottages. One is holding a toddler in her arms, and a few chickens are scratching around the yard. Pump Hill was situated at the top of Old Road and was the site of a new well in 1851 as existing sources of well water was polluted or inadequate. Pump Hill was the region in Churwell on which the War Memorial was constructed in 1824. At the left hand end of these old cottages the middens are in view. Research by Ronnie Barraclough. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2009629_169212:C0118-Post]