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Call Lane looking towards Quarry Hill. (City Centre)
Colour image6th October 1999. View of Call Lane looking towards Quarry Hill showing The Elbow Room at number 64 Call Lane on the left, a Pool Lounge and Bar. The traffic is coming from the direction of the Calls, which follows the line of the River Aire. In the background is the landmark building of the Department for Work & Pensions, Quarry House in Quarry Hill.
[internal reference; 200767_163802:MIL 39/9]
Crispin House, Quarry House (City Centre)
Colour image1999. View looking towards Crispin House which has now been converted into luxury loft apartments. Park Lane College building and quarry House can be seen. Blocks of flats on Saxton Gardens are also visible in the background.
[internal reference; 20021126_37110537:MIL 102/x]
Crown Point Road (City Centre)
Colour image28th September 1999.This wide view of Crown Point Road shows on the left the Railway Viaduct, a large block of offices and the premises of the Co-op Funeral Services. Quarry House is in the background. A group of workmen are tending the roadside gardens.
[internal reference; 10141:MIL3/27]
Eastgate, looking towards Quarry House (City Centre)
Colour image17th December 2005. View down Eastgate to Quarry House the £55 million headquarters of the Department of Health which opened in 1993. The Health Service Management Executive re-located here from London. In the foreground is one of the designs for the Christmas lights which are switched on in early November in the Victoria Gardens. The lights are uniquely designed, (eg, the champagne bottle seen here) and are fixed to lamp posts and suspended from overhead wires. Some of the Christmas lights offer advertising space for displaying the logo of various companies. Leeds Lights was established by the council in 1983 and they are now the largest Christmas illuminations in the country with the switch on attracting over 40,000 people. Photograph courtesy of James William Bell.
[internal reference; 2006814_161770:LEO 1091]
Footbridge over York Road Flyover, Inner Ring Road (Quarry Hill) (2 comments)
Colour imagec1991/2. A workman on an access platform is painting the footbridge crossing the York Road flyover at Quarry Hill. It is adjacent to Quarry House which at the time was in the process of being built. The footbridge descends to St. Mary's Street at the other side, right. The red brick wall on the right is the boundary of St. Peter's Church of England Primary School, formerly St. Charles Roman Catholic School dating from 1873. St. Peter's School moved to new premises in September 1993. Below the footbridge is the eastbound York Road flyover which opened 4th February 1973.
[internal reference; 200827_166046:LEO 2727]